Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elder Collins

Mom, you should probably learn how to phrase bad news in a better way so i dont read the first line and have my stomach drop. I am glad that myles is ok and will live. Also he probably should find friends that dont throw rocks at him. Well this was a really good week. Im seeing a lot of blessing from the lord lately. We have 3 families with baptism dates and also two other people with baptism dates all for august. Im just praying every night that they all work out. I have been working hard to find new people and now i got to work even harder because now that we have dates set i got to find more for next month. We had interviews this week with President. Its always a good time being able to talk to president one on one. He said that Brandon got to go to dinner with Nick. LUCKY. He is an awesome president and im way grateful that he is my president. So one of our families that is super awesome the dad has a problem with drinking every Saturday night but wants to be able to stop. I prayed a lot this week for him not to have the temptation and well the lord answers prayers in mysterious ways..This Saturday he was sick at home with a fever. I just started laughing and said a prayer in my head thanking the Lord. Well I hope your all doing great and having fun. Probably shouldnt bridge jump anymore. Read your scriptures! Love reg!

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