Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey family,
  Well apart from my comp jumping in the shower at 1045 when we should already be emailing we had a pretty good week. I worked really hard this week. I had an exchange with bylund this week for a day. It was a lot of fun and i learned a ton from him. I call him the God of the missionary's here. I realized though that a lot of our investigators were just not progressing while i was with him so we had to leave like 3 families this week which was hard to do because i had to work extra hard to find more families that actually can progress. Luckily..actually blessedly i was talking to a member at church and he showed gave us an awesome reference! Ya so its the last week in the change so im not sure what will happen. I am hoping that crump will come up here finally. Im thinking im going to be getting a new comp but who knows. Its going to weird for me when Bylund goes home because him and purvis are my only gringo friends so ill be alone for a little but hopefully president will send me another gringo! Well super glad your all in California and decided to go as a family after Elder left, its not like im the only life of the party or anything. Haha no jokes eat some Balboa bars for me and ill eat some rice. Love you! have a fun week!

Party with Elder Bylund

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