Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey Family! So this week was pretty good. I worked my butt off. I kind of just got spiritually juiced and was fed up with not having baptisms being in the jungle. We had 8 investigatores come to church yesterday and are baptizing a family this saturday! We had a conference with president wed and it was way fun and i learned a lot. E. Bylund told me the day before that im giving a training lesson infront of everyone and had to base it off helaman 5. I feel like i did a pretty good job. It was only like 8min so it wasnt terrible. So I think my comp doesnt want to be with me anymore, i was reading his planner looking for some numbers from the week and he was writing little notes to himself about me that were just super duper! Whatever though its fine with me. I think he really wants to go back to Lima! I have really learned to just let things go instead of bottling it up and then just exploding. But as long as he is with me we are going to work and have success. Well, not much more happened. Love you! reg 
Ok. so here are some pictures sorry last week my computer was being a jerk and I couldnt send them so this week I have a picture of........
My worst fear
The family that we are going to baptize this week
Elder Hauqui is the new assistant

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