Monday, July 23, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey family!!
Ok first off, yes mom i got the card!  No worries!! haha  When can i use it?  I'll just wait till next p day!  So this week was so so so great!! I loved it!! We had a baptism!!!! With James!!!!!!!!! It was so great!!  He was so excited as well as his family!  They are all members, but really inactive!  Only one of Jame´s brothers is active.  So we really have been working with them!  So all went good for the baptism.  In the morning we went to the church to fill up the font. So we turned it on and started to clean up the chapel, and about 20 min later, i looked in to see how the water was coming, and the water was YELLOW!!  I was like what the!!  So we turned off the water, and of course Elder Crump is the one who has to jump in the water to clean it out!! haha it wasn't too bad this time it didnt have bugs!  Haha but we fixed the pipe and the water came out normal! haha it was a little stressful but we got it all worked out!!  So we had the baptism in the night, and it was great because we had a bunch of members from the ward there, along with his family, and Leo and Doila (Doyla) came! We invited them to come and see the baptism, and they both loved it!! We invited both to be baptized and Doila is preparing for the 11th of August, and we still are working with Leo for the 4th of August! He wants to be baptized, but just has something stopping him from officially setting a date!! Thank you for your prayers please continue to pray for him!!! 
So I have so bad news...Daniel cant get baptized on the 28th... he fell into temptation.  He had had some problems in the past, with chastity, and he fell into it again.  It was so sad to see him.  He was in tears. He has been working so so hard these past three months, and to come so close and fall...was absolutely devastating.  He is such a great guy, and i have never been so proud of him and his progress.  This just shows that Satan is powerful.  He has and influence on us, and knows are weaknesses.  But as we know Heavenly Father is more powerful.  Satan doesn't stand a chance.  And Daniel knows this.  He is set, and wants to do all he can to be baptized and clean.  He is really struggling right now, and we really dont know when he will be ready, but i will keep you updated.  As sad as i am, i know that He can do it.  This was just a little step back, and through this challenge through this temptation, he will become stronger. And he will come to fully understand the love of the Atonement.  This week was great.  I will not take that back!  I am so grateful to be here.  This is real.  Real People, and their salvation.  I am so happy to be here, serving our Lord, and helping others come back to him.
SO changes are today... and i still dont know yet!!! I'm dying to know!!! i want the jungle, but really i am loving being here and we have some awesome people and their baptisms coming up!! haha i want to join reg so bad!! haha thats right there is like no gringos here anymore!! 11 go home today!!!  My first Zone Leader Elder Purvis, second Zone Leader Elder Divis, and Elder Bylund!!!!  So crazy! Im gonna miss them!!!
Hey so how are things going, any great news...haha
Dad im sorry to hear about your Kidney Stone!!!  That sounds terrible!!!  I hope all is ok and you are feeling better!!!  I'm guessing Shay is still pregnant! But as soon as that baby comes, i need a letter, with pictures!!! 
Keep me updated!! Hey look out for the package!! Its coming!!!
I love you guys so much!! Thank you for all you do!!
All my Love,

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