Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elder Crump

Happy birthday Dad!!!!!!  I hope it was the best day ever!!! So one question... how old are you?  haha, im sorry i cant really remember!!!  I know its close to 50 or less, but i dont quite remember!! haha sorry !! love you!!  So i have some news...I didnt get transfered...But fonseca did... so i have a new companion.... lets just say mom dad you dont have to wait for shay to have her baby to be grandparents again....I have a my first son!!!!!!!!!  IM TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How crazy is that!!! Haha and kind of ironic, i have been out for 9 months... haha!! His name is Elder Flores from Chile!! Haha i keep getting chilenos!! haha  But he is awesome!!! I am so excited for this opportunity!! but nervous!! haha but its so great!! This change, im the only gringo in Lima training!!!  Im freaking out!! haha but its good! He already is a great missionary, and is ready to work!!!
SO i am so so so happy for Corinne and Bradford!!! I have been praying day and night for you two!!! Haha August 28th... i like it!  Fast!!! haha how great is that for them!! You two both are amazing, and Brady i have already thought of you as my brother! Welcome to the family!!! 
SO this week was great!!! We met with Daniel a few more times and he had an interview with president bluncks counsler, and he told him he needs to wait like 6 months... so like december, or january....  he was sad... but he knows that he needs to buckle down.  He needs to work hard and prepare for this date!! We we had a lesson with him, it was so powerful.  He was crying, i was in tears, and it just shows us that satan is real... we cannot deny it... or hide it, but we can defeat him.  Daniel is ready, i know that these next couple of months are gonna be rough... but he will fully understand the love of God, and the power of the atonement!!!
So Doila!!  She is set! she came to church on Sunday, and that means her date is set for the 11 of August!!! im so happy!! Her life has been hard, but this is what she has been waiting for, and praying for all her life!!!
So Leo... he still won't commit to a date that we set, and is saying that he recived a revalation from God that he needs to be baptized on December 15.... ya... so we had to let him go.  We explained to him that were happy he wants to be baptized, but we need to find others who are ready now to make covenants with God, and obey him.  It was pretty direct, but really good for him to hear.  I was devistated.  It was the hardest thing for me to do in the mission so far, but i know its for the good. 
Hey guys i love you so much!! Im excited to hear about the wedding, the new baby and the the Summer Games!!! Whooa Peru!! haha just kidding of course....USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whooa!!! haha i love you guys so so much!!!
All my Love,


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