Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elder Crump

Family how is everyone doing!!  I hope all is well with all of you!!  So to answer some questions...mom i found my usb thing to send pictures!! the elder i thought that stole it, and is now in bolivia left it in his apartment, and i found it the other day while i was doing a work visit!! haha man i was so mad when i thought he stole it!! haha anyway so dont worry about the usb thing!! all is good!! So really this week was way good!! The only sad thing is we didnt have a crazy come into church!!  i know right bummer!! haha no but it was great, because Angel and Nancy both came to church yesterday!!  They are one of the families that we found last week.  Plus we had a lesson with them, on friday, and committed them to get married!! They have the date set and everything!! August 17th!!  They are una familia de oro!!!  Plus they have their 10 year old old son and a 5 year old daughter!!  But it was way funny we went to go see if they were there on Thursday, but we had just missed them, but the brother of nancy came out, and was like....ELDERS!! how are you??  We were a little confused, but we just went along with it! haha we found out that he had taken all of the missionary discussions when he was 16, and he used to always hang out with the missionaries!!  When they committed him to a date, of course he said yes, but then got drafted into the army!!  Satan... haha but he was sad to leave, but when he returned the missionaries were gone, and got really busy.  But he said its been like 25 years since then, but i know with all my heart your church is true.  I know the book of mormon is true, Joseph smith is a prophet, everything you teach and believe in is true.  I have just been waiting for you guys to find me again!!   WHAT THE!  Was flowing through my mind!! haha  he then said that he has 4 kids, a wife, and his dream is to get his whole family to the church, and have them be baptized and sealed for all time and eternity!!  Ya... this was just a contact....my mind was spinning!! It was so cool!!  He then said please will you teach and baptize us??  HOLY COW this is so great!!  So we set a date to come visit him, but when we went he got called into work, but we met his other sister!  And her boyfriend was there, and we taught them, they dont live together which is awesome, and rare! haha but our lesson was amazing!! The spirit was incredible, and they both committed to be baptized on Aug. 4!!  All of this because of one reference from a recent convert!!  Three Families!!! Plus all the same family!! A Brother, and two sisters!!!!!!!!  Does heavenly father have his hand in all things or what!!!??? Haha it was such a great week!!!
So funny story... we were in our gospel principles class and they were teaching about baptism, and the teacher asked if Elder Fonseca and I can show how we do our baptism.  So i was the person baptizing, and fonseca was the person being baptized.  So we said the prayer, showed how the hands go, and then i dipped him back, but i thought we were just going to do a little because it was just a practice, but no fonseca just throws his whole body back, and because i had no idea, and he is a little on the chuncky side, i dropped him on the floor!! haha he was so mad!! But everyone was laughing!!  It was so funny!! he says he now doesnt have trust in me!! haha  oh man great now we have scared all of our investigators of baptisms!! haha
So i am super jealous that you are going to Lake Powell...the promised land!!  I miss it!! But hey when i get home we´ll go down in November Right?? haha  Hey i havent gotten that package yet, but ill keep my eye out!! 
Oh yeah i keep forgetting to tell you, but we have another baptism set for the 21st of July!  His name is James.  He is 10 and all of his family are members, but very inactive!! But we are working with them, and we are gonna get him baptized!!!
So good to hear Federer is in the finals... thats how it should be!! haha and the best part, Nadal LOST!!! Yes!!!  But the Heat won!!
Ugh i feel sick.  Haha of course they picked up another allstar!! haha 
Hey guys i love you so much!! Today we dont have p day because we are going to the temple thursday!!!  I will let you know how it goes!! The package is coming... im sending it....soon!! haha dont worry monday i promise!!!
PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!! I HAD MY OWN LITTLE CELEBRATION HERE!!!  Haha go USA.  Plus it was cool, we had a conference for all the zone leaders, and the district leaders in Lima, and President Blunck and His wife had all this stuff for us to celebrate!! Gotta love them!!
All my Love,

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