Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey, how is everyone doing!  I hope everything is going great!! Im glad you had a good time in lake powell, Boy do i miss it!! That's too bad you couldnt take it out of the slip.  I think lake powell misses me, thats why no one could come down, it just isnt the same without me! haha Dad im glad you destroyed at cards, Ive taught you well!  Haha so we play speed uno here, but i call it rapido one!  haha the latins dont like it! haha but dont worry im still the champ!! haha
So this week has been so so great!! Im officially sending your the package this week!! Dont worrry haha!  So this week we found 11 new investigators and one new family!! It was so great! And we commited 3 of the new investigators to be baptized on the 4th of August!! It was awesome!! They all accepted, but now they just need to attend!!  SO James came to church, and his date is officially set to be baptized July 21!! im stoked!! Its so good for his family because through us teaching james his dad has started to come back to church! Now we just need to get his mom!! So Leo is doing good! We were having some problems with him commiting to a date!! He wants to be baptized, there is no doubt about that, but wants to wait till like december!!  We have had so many lessons, powerful, spiritual lessons, but there is always something there that is keeping him from commiting to a date.  So the other day we had a lesson with him, but honestly we didnt know what to teach.  We have taught him everything a person needs to know before their baptism, and more.  So we have been praying, and praying.  And right before we went in i got the strong impression to be very direct with him.  We always respect him and are really nice.  But i felt like i need to push him.  It was amazing!  The spirit was there!  And when i say there, it was THERE!  I have never been filled more with the love of our Heavenly Father then in that night!!  We were direct and blunt with him.  It kind of took him off guard.  It showed him that were not only just his friends, but we truly want what is best for him, and that's baptism.  He still is scared, but he set a goal for the 4th of August!  Please please pray for him!  This lesson taught me that seriously heavenly father knows the hearts of everyone of us.  He knows what things have an impact, and if were worthy as missionaries he will tell us what to do.  Im so grateful the Holy Ghost told me to do that.  Now for the first time ever he is truly progressing!
So the other day we were contacting and we came across this lady with her 3 year old daughter.  We started talking and we invited her to church!  She was really open and was like ya ok.  So it was a quick but good contact.  We got her information, and told her we would wait for her outside on sunday!  Sunday came and she wasn't there.  We were sad, but right when the sacrament ended she came in with one of the members.  She came and sat down with us and listen to the rest of the meeting.  So this is the really cool story...  We had a lesson with her later that day after church, and asked how was it, did you like it. She said she loved it and thought is was beautiful.  She then told us how she found her way to church that day.  Saturday night she had to work all night until 5 in the morning.  She had told herself she wants to come to church, but with her work and all she might not be able to.  So she said a pray before work, And asked heavenly father if i need to go to this church i know you will find a way for me to go.  So she went to work got done at 5 am and went to sleep.   At about 7:30, her little girl got up and was like mommy i need to go to the bathroom.  And she dragged her mom out of bed.  So after she went to the bathroom she looked at the clock and noticed it was before 8 am,  so right there she got up, got dressed and headed to church.  She took it as an answer!  So when she got to the church no one was outside, because it was 8:10 by this time, and we were in the sacrament.  So she was nervous, and because she didnt see us was about to leave when her little girl said come on!! and pushed her inside! haha then right then one of the members came out and was like are you looking for someone.  She is like yeah, the elders.  So the sister brought her in and had her sit down with us.  It was perfect!  She told us that all of her prayers were answered.  SHe also had prayed for someone to be there to bring her in!  She said that God found a way for her to come.  There must be something about this church.  It was incredible.  We invited her to be baptized and she said yes, but wants make sure its right with God.  But she says honestly i know this is the church.  I know this is true.  Its what i have been waiting to hear.  And she said it all began when she had said a prayer one day, asking Heavenly Father to send the truth to her.  That day we knocked on her door.  Wow... i am holding back tears writing this!  I am so filled with joy to know of these things and to be apart of her life.  Heavenly Father PREPARES PEOPLE FOR US!!! Never forget that!! He knows us inside and out and if we listen we will be directed!!
This week like i said was so awesome!! This work is so great, and i love every minute of it!!
Hey guys i love you so much!  I hope all is well!! Your so amazing!!!

All my Love,

Ps. Emma from France, i got your letter and i thank you!  Your words and support are inspiring.  I'm glad you enjoy the blog and i hope it finds you well whenever you need it!  And always remember your invited to church, and if you ever get the chance to talk with missionaries listen to them!  Thank you so much!!

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