Monday, August 6, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello family!
Well it was a pretty good week! I have really been focusing on finding familys. Im almost obsessed with it. So this week the Aricara family commited to the 25th for baptism( it was going to be this week but they cant find their marriage papers so president just said it would be better to marry again and they were ok with that.) Also the Zumieta family commited to the 18th we just have to finish building their house this week so they can all come to church together and not worry about getting robbed. Saturday we are going to baptize the step brother of way cool member here that just moved back to live with his mom. He is only 12 but hey we need another pencil neck deacon right? Ive really been buckling down and doing a lot more spanish studying during the day and always having notebook with me to write in. I also use it to write down impressions like elder scott says to. That way i remember things as im walking down a rode and i have a cool thought or question that i want to study. One of my new zone leader is Elder ortega. He is awesome and was one of my friends in the CCM. Haha also there is a new white kid in our zone and he looks exactlly like elder calhoon. Well hope all is well and dandyfull. Loves reg...elder reg

 ( Here is the response I got when I asked Reggie if they were really helping the Zumieta family finish building their house?)

 Yes you dont even know how poor some of my area is, my last baptism of the Hoyos family needs a lot more wood. its just hard to find wood. Really though, i know why i was sent to this mission to see how much i complained about everything before, food, clothes, our house, my car. makes me think i was such a punk. Now i realize why its important for every young man to serve a mission. So they can learn how to love, become a man of God and appreciate everything. Some of my favorite families to teach are the poorest. Well i gotta go. I love you so much mom and everyone else! have a great week! love reg

Abrahan lino painted this for me.. he is the guy of the family we married and baptized with the chubby baby 

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