Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elder Crump

Oh boy was this week a blast!!!  We had our baptism for Doyla and it was so so great!!  She was so excited!!  It was the answer to her prayers!!!  Heavenly Father seriously has a plan for each one of us.  Sure the end result may differ for many but if were worthy, and live the way we should and keep the commandments we will return and live with our Heavenly Father, and our Families forever. 
I am so filled with joy right now, knowing that Corinne went through the temple, and in 2 weeks will be married and sealed for time and all eternity!  I am so happy for them!!  I wish with all my heart that i could be there to see it all, but i love my excuse for not being there!! Being here is incredible, sure it has its hard times,  sacrifices, but seriously this expirence is breath taking.  Baptizing Doyla was amazing.  With her it was truly different.  A month ago we felt inspired to knock on a door.  Out came a woman, we did not know, nor did she know us, but in this moment she knew this was her answer to her prayers.  I know that i am where i am for a reason.  I was meant to knock on her door, teach her, and bring her unto Christ.  How great is this calling.  To be in the service of the Lord, and when we listen and follow him, we can do great things!!  Corinne, Bradford, i wish you both every happiness.  You two are about to do one of the most sacred things you can do in your life in 2 weeks!! How wonderful is this opportunity to be sealed to our spouses for time and all eternity.  Im excited to come home and see you all married and with your families!  Ill be the only one single!!! haha but I know that one day ill be able to find the right one, and i too will be able to participate in this glorious blessing!!
Mom, Dad I am so grateful for both of you!  At this moment all of your children have been through the temple.  This is because of both of you!  Thank you for your teachings, and for your example to us.  Sure we have had our struggles, but we have been so blessed!!  Well done mom and dad, well done!
So this week was so awesome!! we found 12 new investigators, and a family of 6! Plus the moms sister, and niece!! They all want to listen! And change their lives now!!!!!!!!  Its was such a good week!!  This next week is gonna be crazy, but i cant wait!!!  Were on to our next adventure, and its gonna be so great!!!
I still havent gotten your package!!  And you still didnt get mine!!  AHH!  Keep and eye out!!
Hey guys i love you so much!! Im so greatful for all of you!! Shay good luck with the baby!!! Cant wait to see her!!!!!!!!
Your all amazing!!
All my Love,


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