Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elder Crump

Man that is the greatest news ever!! And what a cutie!! Seriously so beautiful!!! I cant wait to meet her!!! Im so jealous that im not there, but secretly im not at the same time, because i love being there!!  Haha  but seriously im so so happy for your guys!!  And just about one week for the wedding!! How great is this month!!  Haha i so excited to hear about how perfect it was, and see pictures!! I cannot wait!!  This week is gonna be crazy for you all, just know that i love you and i will pray for you all!!
So this week was great!! We had a ton of new investigators this last week, so a ton of new appoinments right!  Thats what i thought too, but many of the appointments fell through!  It was a bummer, but it didnt stop us!  We contacted like crazy, and went way above our goal for this week, with new investigators! 
Even though many lessons fell through, we still had some great lessons, with baptism dates set!  One was with an investigator named Elder..seriously his name is elder! haha he is an old investigator, i think i might have already told you about him a while back, and how we contacted him, because we all had the same name!  Any way a coulple months back he really didnt believe in God, and we straight up just told him to pray to see if he exists.  That was right before i hurt my knee.  And in that month i dont know what happened to him, but fonseca said he didnt want to progress.  But about a month ago, we came in contact with him again, and he took our advice and now he knows that God Exists!!  He wants to learn, and we have been teaching him and invited him, but at this point he never accepted a date.  But then we got the idea...Doyla.  Lets have a lesson with Doyla and him together!  It was the greatest lesson ever!  We didnt tell Doyla, she thought it was just going to be us, but when she got there and we asked her questions, and she straight up just bore her testimony about everything! She told her story about her prayer that she had and how God answered her prayer. And then was like to Elder, You need to pray, read , and come to church! Haha she said i know i`ve only been a member for a week, but i know that these things are true!  Haha it was so awesome!! She totally burned him, but with love, and right then i invited, and he said yes and we set a date!!!!!!!!  It was so so perfect with her!! SHe was so happy to help!! And not knowing made it so much better, because it was real!!  It was such a great Day!!
Also We were in the church and this guy came in and just said are you the missionaries. I need to talk to you!  He talked about how he has problems, a disease,  and just wants to know why him, why is he here, and why does he have these challenges!  In my mind the Plan of Salvation was just bursting out, but i felt  that yeah lets explain how god has a plan for us but lets read the Book of Mormon.  SO i opened to Alma 7:11-14  and it was the icing on the cake.  He LOVED THIS SCRIPTURE! It was perfect for him, and right then and there i invited and he said yes! HE straight up know that he needs to be baptized!! And we set a date!!!  Sept 8!  It was so amazing!!  Heavenly Father not only sends us to the people, but sends the people to us!!  God has a plan for everyone!!
I love you guys so so much!! As sad as im not there to see my new niece, or the the wedding i truly am so happy here!  It is the greatest decision i have ever made and i wouldnt trade it for anything else!!  Good luck this week with the baby!!  And all the wedding!! I love you guys and i know everything will turn out perfect!!  Dont stress out mom!! haha  Ps i still havent gotten your package...and you havent gotten mine... maybe check the post!! 
All my Love,


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