Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elder Collins

Well i got dumped this week... One of the coolest families that we were teaching told us we wouldn't be able to visit them anymore because the grandma with a bible like a machine gun visited and cracked down on them and said only the bible is the word of God. Well that's the bad news but the rest of the week was pretty great. On Monday we ate Zuti as a zone . Its pretty much a grub like you see in lion king. It was alive and everything. It was pretty gross but i did it! On wed we had zone conference with president. It was a good time. I talked with Hna Blunck for awhile, and got to know her better. Never really talked to her before. Learned some stuff too. Well Saturday we had our wedding and baptisms! I was so happy that it all worked out well. The Aricara family seemed pretty happy especially the dad. Well one of our zone leaders became assistant yesterday so i think our zone will change a bit this next week. Cant lie im excited for this transfer!! Well love you all so much. have a great week.

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