Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey family! Thanks for the Birthday shout outs! Well this week was just dandy! Its cambios!! Its like Christmas morning every time. Well since one of our zone leaders left last week to be in the offices we have been helping out with E. ortega the other zone leader being his companion. I was with 19 year old member this week for two days and i have been with Ortega the last two days. Its been awesome getting a break from my area. We havent done exchanges in my area the last 2 months. I was kind of going crazy. Also even better getting a break from my comp. When i was with the member i was just sitting there studying in the morning and just went ahhh.. peaceful. Really it was nice. Also we had a baptism this Saturday. His name is Josue and he is 19. We saw him like 2 weeks ago walking with his buddy who is a member and i kind of just slid my way in front of him and well two weeks later we went swimming. Ive been just running errands with ortega the last two days but its been way fun. He was my friend before he came here. He was in the ccm with me. So i have been doing paper work and helping him enter the numbers in the computer. Well im not supposed to know but i saw when helping him, im changing areas! Wow what a surprise! Flores is about 99% sure he is changing but im going to a different part of the jungle! i dont know where just that its jungle! wow im excited. Thank you so much for your prayers this last week. They were answered! i love you all love reg

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