Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Elder Crump

We had transfers....but its all good!  Im still here!  Im with elder flores still!  Yay!!  Haha I think ill be finishing his training, and maybe after that ill get transfered, but who knows! Haha  So i got another month and a half to save lives!  I have been with my comp for one transfer, and it has been great! A little stressfull sometimes, haha but i really have loved every minute of it! 
So i got the pictures from brady of the announcment, but i still havent gotten anything from you! Our Zone leaders said i have a package, and a letter, but i have to wait till 12 to get them!!  haha
Im so so happy you got my package! I was getting nervous!  Im glad you liked the pictures, and if you could can you send out all the letters?  I know its a lot, but i love you!!
SO this week!!!  It was a good one!! We found a ton of new people, and officially we have a date set!  For an investigator named Leonardo Flores!  He is the guy that we met, that is the neighbor of the old lady that we taught! He date is offcially set for 29 of September!! Im excited!!  We also have about 2 more, for the 29th but it just depends on if they can come to church!!  That is the most stressful part!!  SO hopefully this week we can help them understand the importance of attending church!! 
Also, we found this kid that is about 13 years old named Jefferson!  Right off the bat he said that he wants to be baptized, but he is Catholic and his mom is a little hesitent in giving him permisson.... ahhh but hopefully we will be able to talk to her, and Heavenly Father will be able to soften her heart!
HOLY COW alex is in the MTC and Aaron as well.  And  Weston has his Farewell....Wow i have been gone a while!!  So much has happened!!  I love hearing about everything!! Im so happy that so many of my friends have found their way out into the field! 
So when you send out the letters, and give Korb his, tell him he better write back fast! I have been waiting for a letter since the MTC!!!! haha
So i really am loving being here! Im excited that i will have my birthday here!  The members in the ward have become like a family to me.
I hope everything goes well in Rexburg!! Ha ha, that makes me laugh we did the same thing with shay!! haha Corinne and Shay obviously dont like those boys from Utah!! Haha
Hey guys, i love you so so much! I love your letters, and all of the emails, and the packages!!  You all are so amazing!! So how is cute little norah? Hud bud?  My other brother and sister, trev...kenz  i havent heard from you two in a while!! haha
I love you so so much! Thanks for all you do!
Oh and to answer some questions, yes mom i know how to use a drill!!!!  We knocked out our windows, and repainted our house!! It looks pretty sweet now!!  Yes, were still eating at the house of Kent's convert!  Haha, she wants to be face book friends with you guys!! She keeps looking for corinne, but she hasnt accepted yet! haha  Look for her!
Sorry dont have too much time to write! Ill write more next week!!
All my Love,


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