Monday, September 17, 2012

Elder Crump

Oh boy was this past week so so so good!!! Im so so happy!!  But first off...  Thank You for the birthday wishes!!! Its so wierd that ill be turning 20... i feel so old... i think i have gray hairs!  Haha, but i can't believe I still remember my last birthday, and how i almost died on the bike jump!! haha  oh man one of my favorite birthdays!!!
So first off what the....  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COUGS????!!!!  They had three chances to win..... ahhh  haha tell brandon i think he is right haha the cougs cant play on sunday! haha  Well they got lucky!
So the wedding all went good in Idaho.  Good to hear!!  Wow that was a long wedding! haha so how does it feel to be married Corinne and brady!!  Family pictures will never be the same... we cant take another one together until I find a wife!  I refuse to be stuck with the dog!  Haha
So this week we fasted again for our Zone, and you gotta love the blessing of fasting!!  We had 5 investigators come to church!!!!!!  But Leonardo couldn't make it!! He had to help his sister... so his date is for the 6 of October!!  But we are preparing a couple for the 29th! Pray for them!! His name is danny!!  And Clortilde and Consuelo!!
So i think i might have told you, about the grandma that we found first and through her we found leonardo. Haha, so anyway we have been teaching them together!  Her name is Simon, i know right a name for a woman, but i found out its like the girlfriend in Ferris Bulers day off.  SO its ok;)  haha anyway we were teaching her and Leonardo about the Ley de Castidad  i dont remember how to say in English! haha so we explained everything and we asked her if she would live this commandment, and she just smiled and said im old...things dont work for me anymore... dont worry i won't have problems!  i almost died laughing!!  She is so sweet, and so funny! She also came to church!!
So way cool story!  So i went out with a teen that is preparing for his mission.  He has got his mission call and is going to Mexico, but has been having a lot of challenges, and doubts!  So i was like come out with us, and we will get you excited!  So I went out with him, while my comp was with another!  This whole day changed his mind!  We ended up finding a bunch of new investigators, and the spirit was so strong!  After it all he just said,  thank you!  Is this how you can feel everyday?  I said as long as you work, you will feel the spirit, and you will be able to find people just like them!  I then said God has a plan for you! The people in Mexico are waiting for you!  You need to do this!  Then after he changed is mind, and all of his fears and doubts went away!!  He now can't wait to head out!! It was such a powerful expirience!
So holy cow, Alta is getting married!! TO WHO????  AND LIZZY GOT MARRIED!!! WHY DIDNT I GET AN INVITE!!! I WAS HER PLT DAD!!!
Wow thats so crazy that people are getting married!!! 
Well i hope you guys have the best week!  Enjoy my birthday, and to answer your question mom....PLEASE GO EAT CAFE RIO AND SMASH BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH BOY DO I MISS THAT!! HAHA
I love you guys so so much!!!  Trev Kenz  what are you having!!!!!!! Im dying to know!!!!!!!!!
I love love love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for everything!! CAN'T wait to open my birthday package!!!!
All my Love,


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