Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elder Crump

OH BOY AM I EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!!!  Its going to be such an awesome day!!  Because its.....CORINNE AND BRADFORDS WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!! Man i cant wait to see the pictures! Its going to be such a special day, filled with love and the spirit!  Man i wish i could be there, because lets be honest it is not a party without me!  But it will have to do!  I expect to see pictures of me there! haha jk no but really. Haha tomorrow is going to be so wonderful!  Corinne, Brady tomorrow is only the beginning of the rest of your lives, and into the eternities!  I am so excited, and so proud of both of you!
So this week has been so so great!!!!  But at the same time a bummer!! So we found 9 new investigators, and one new family that we are preparing to be married!  Hopefully it will all work out!  But the bummer is we had a ton of lessons set, but a ton fell through!  It was frustrating!  Plus only one investigator came to church this week, so Elder, and Carlos we invited and accepted need to attend for their Date to be real! And officially set!!  Plus the family of 6 have been super busy this week with their work, so we havent been able to teach them!!!  But its ok we are going to see them this week and invite them to be baptized!
So this past week we have our ward conference and the ward invited the mayor of Independencia to come to church with his wife.  They arent members, but loved the church, and the values we have.  It was cool because the stake president asked us to come in with him, and the different leaders of the stake, and explain to them about the church!  Its was awesome, and they want to work with the church now, the government, and help make peru a better place!  But its way cool we got to teach them, and we found out that they live near us, so we are going to go by, and teach and baptize the mayor, and his family! Haha no big deal!  Next stop, the president of Peru!! haha
Hey i got your package!! It was so great!! I loved it!!!  Thank you!! YOU STILL HAVENT GOTTEN MINE!! Oh no im nervous, maybe stop by the post office if you can!!
Hey i love you so much! Im so happy for all of you right now!! As sad as i am that im not there to see all of this i know i am where im supposed to be!  Your all so wonderful, and im so grateful for all of you!  Tomorrow is going to be so great!  Mom dont stress out it will be perfect!!  I love you all so so much!! 
All my Love,


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