Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elder Crump

Oh, why hello family!!!
How is everyone doing?  This week was so so great!! My birthday turned out to be so awesome!!  So in the morning I had a delicious breakfast.... but not in bed... haha my pensionista couldnt enter our house to give it to me!  haha  after that we had a pretty normal day.  My comp had a bunch of treats for me, and he drew me a way cool picture.  After we had everything normal.  We had a bunch of appointments, it was great!  But at 7 30 one of the ladys in our ward Tahuantinsuyo( she is the one that we rent our house from, and is the relief society pres. and is like my other peruvian mom) any way she said that she wanted to have a Noche de Hogar in her house.  So i just thought it was gonna be pretty normal.  I knew she wanted to make some food, and play games.... boy was i wrong!!  I have a video  if i can send it i will!!  I walk in the house and it all dark, then they turn on the lights, and yell suprise ( in really bad english so it was funny!)  and they shoot this cannon of confetti and start singing happy birthday, and her whole house is decorated, with balloons, and all that jazz.  It was awesome!  So we had a little fiesta and it was awesome a bunch of the members were there!  Then it came to the cake... as  you have seen in past pictures they really dont like to eat the cake.  They shove your face in it then we get into a cake fight!!  haha it was so crazy!! I was dying!!!  I was sad not to be there with you guys, but it actually turned out to be a great birthday!!!
Also my peruvian grandma made me a tie!!! She actually knited a blue tie!! Its so awesome!! Really this ward is so great!!!
So im glad mom enjoyed my birthday!!! haha oh boy im so glad you ate cafe rio, and watched harry potter!! What a great day!!!  haha  Thank you mom for my birthday package!! Believe it or not, but i actually waited to open it!!  I know right im growing up!!  haha man 20 years old.... im old...ugh  haha
SO things are going great! we have our baptism with Danny for this saturday!  Im excited!!  Also we have 2 more for the 13th!!!  Plus we are also working with the parents of danny!!  The mom loves the church, but we still havent met the dad.  SO were gonna baptize danny and then his parents!!!
This past week was so great found 10 new investigators, and a new family!!  Seriously we are so so busy!!  My planner is so full!!  Its so great!!!  Some times we really dont even have time for dinner!! SO we eat in the night in our room!! haha but dont worry mom im eating!! I have gained weight, but everyday i lose it because we walk so much!!!!!!!!!! haha so frustrating!! haha
SO i still havent gotten your other package yet, but i cant wait!!!  did all my letters get sent out?  Thank you for doing that!!  I loved the pictures!!! Haha the one with corinne and trev and me photoshopped is so great!!! haha
You guys, i love you so much!! I love being here!!  We have been working like crazy, and truly the lord has had blessings for us!!! Im so greatful to be here!!!  I hope all is well!! And thank you to all for the birthday wishes!!!
All my Love,


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