Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Crump

My dear family and friends!! how are you all?  Oh boy this week was so so great!!!!  I hope you all had a good week too!!  First off i want to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDON, AND HUDSON!!!  WOW YOUR GETTING SO OLD!!!  Not you Bren, you're still young, Hudson he's practically a teen!!  haha but really I hope you have the best birthday!!! I love you guys!!!
So your Probably wondering what is the Familes, Baptism, Winne the Pooh, and Cuy...  haha oh i will explain...just you wait!!! First off lets begin with the families!!  We found two new families this week!!  One was a contact that i had like 3 months ago!!!  For some reason i was flipping through my old planners, and i saw his name... I remembered that he never was home, but I was like hey why not, so we went, and he was there!!!  And was so so excited to see us!!!  Finally!!! haha anyway right away we started talking about how he really wants to change his life, along with his wife ( by the way they are married!!! very rare here!)  And my comp did awesome and started to read in John Chap. 3 and he fell in love with this scritpture he straight up was like what do i need to do to be baptized!!! haha so we explained and he accepted a date, haha he actually put the date!!  haha  so he is preparing, and wants to be baptized so bad!!!  His wife she wants to change, but isnt as excited as him!!!  The next family was the son of the investigator we have named Leonardo.  At first his son  didnt want to listen or even talk to us!  But within these past 3 weeks, he has seen a change in is father and wanted to know what it is!  We taught him, and along with his dad commited to be baptized!!!  So we have a bunch of dates set for the 21st, but it all depends on them and their attendence!!!  Like I said, it really was such an awesome experience!!!
SO now the baptism... Danny is a reference we received from the ward.  He is 13 years old and comes to church alone.  He has made friends and love the church.  I don't think i said to much about him, because i didnt want to jinx it!! haha but yeah he was baptized and my comp got to do his first baptism!!! I am so proud!!  He's growing up so fast!! haha  Anyway this kid is so funny!!  He doesnt really show too much emotion!  haha he never smiles you will see in the pictures, but that all changed after he got baptized!  He was grinning from ear to ear!!! It was awesome!!  Plus we are teaching his mom as well, but she wants to wait for her husband to make any decisions...but he is stuck working in Iquitos... i think ill send the reference to Reg, and he can baptize the dad, and I will baptize the mom!! haha
Next Winne the Pooh this ones for Shay!!!  They had a carnival here and i saw him and i just had to take a picture!! haha  love you Shay!!!
Finally the Cuy....Cuy is Guine Pig....Yes....i finally did it....I ATE GUINIE PIG!!!! HAHA it was so good!  Seriously, i wanted more!!  I have been telling everyone that i wanted to try it but no one would make it for me!!!  But then an Angel finally came through... The bishop's wife!!! haha it seriously was so good!!! haha but dont tell Weston he used to have a gunie pig as a pet!!! haha
Well i love you guys so much!! I hope you guys have the greatest week ever!!!  Mom I'm glad you got to enjoy your girl's trip!  Dad dont you worry next year ill be there with you for all the games!!!  Bren, Hudson  Happy Birthday!!  I love you all!!
All my Love,

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