Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Elder Crump

I am so so happy!! It has been such a crazy week!!! So Like I said, Im finally In the jungle!!  Seriously Tarapoto is so beautiful!  Im so excited in a couple of P days were gonna go to the waterfalls!!  Outside my window is the jungle!  I hear animals all night!  I love it!  It normally doesn't rain here, but this month is when the rain comes!  It's so nice, because let me tell you it is blazing hot!!!  And when the clouds come in, and its starts to pour its like and answer to our prayers, and i start doing the rain dance! haha seriously I love it here!!  I was in Lima WAY TOO LONG!! 
So my comp is from argentina and he was actually in tahuantinsuyo in the same area like 4 months before me!! He is so awesome! He has been out for about 15 months!  He doesn't really have his accent, but its still there!  So it was hard to leave tahua and my pensionista cried along with my peruvian mom, and grandma!!  It was rough, but every month we go back to lima for a zone leader conference, so i can see them then!! 
So im super sorry i don't have too much time to write.  We have to write all these informes, so it like takes up my time!!  But all is good!!  Yes there are spiders, bugs, snakes....ugh...but i have only seen the girl kind...oh boy  im nervous!!  Anyway seriously, i love it here!! Its insane!! My pensionista is named luzmila, haha she is so funny but sassy, haha.  Sorry i really got to go, but i promise next week i will write more!  Oh yeah ps, this week we got three investigators preparing for their baptism!  I love the jungle!!!

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