Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elder Collins

Wow baby sounds like your all turning into hipees or something! Haha You all look diferent which is crazy. Thats cool that Myles is starting mission prep classes and kind of weird too. Had a good week this past week. Went by super fast. I worked really hard getting papers together for marriages. We had a baptisms of a little teen girl who is our next door neighbor. Just decided to talk to them last week and well we baptized their daughter and the parents are getting married on the 26 and baptized the same day. Well today is transfers! Hope Pres. will finally send nick to me again. He´s got to leave that smoggy lima air! Well i just got told that im staying here its not official yet, I Just walked into the computer room and another elder said he saw the changes and told me. I guess E. sanchez is going to lima for his last change...that kinda of sucks. The guy whos moto i helped is awesome! I love this family. I told them if im going to be here for thanksgiving that i would buy a turkey, they are excited about that. Ah man! is Dakota ok? Do they know whats wrong with him. I couldnt imagine having migraines all day. Hope he gets better. So facts about Iquitos the city of Iquitos is busy. There are a ton of motorcars and motorcycles. The shops and stands are all really close together. But there isnt as many stands with tourist stuff like there is in mexico. I think that it is a little hard to teach people here about God. Everyone prays to him like he is a monster or a robot. It´s a good feeling when you here someone pray to him like a father. There is too much crying and shouting and hallelujahs from the evangelist. 
Well dont know what else to say, So we are going to go look at the transfers and stuff right now so ya ill let you know everything next week!
Hope all is well much love♥♥♥ Reg

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