Monday, October 8, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey family!
Well conference was just fandantastic wasnt it? Nothing like conference being a missionary. Pretty sure its more exciting than christmas. They had started that 18 year old rule about two months ago here but i didnt know they were going to make it world wide! And i had no idea about changing the age of girls to go. Cant lie i wanna see myles! 4 years would be a long time not to see your brother. I liked Elder Utchdorfs first talk the most. They were all super good though, Elder Holland has given a similar talk to all the missionarys in the Mtc and all of the elders have a copy of it. Its illegal to have but its a super good talk. I think that he realized that everyone wants to hear that talk so he just figured he would share it with everyone this time. I applied every talk to my missionary life. But with elder Uchtdorf i liked when he talked about enjoying the ride and being happy now! Also when he said we are too busy complaining about the size of the peanut package and we dont realize that we are soaring through the sky! Well this week was pretty good, i worked really hard. We lost one family that we were teaching but gained 4 others so thats pretty good. I could fill and see blessings from the lord this week with finding these familys. haha one is our next door neighbor. I never knew that they had talked with the missionarys before. But long story short i sent their papers to be married in yesterday. Also i found out that Sanchez was contacting in my area and was teaching a family in my area!(his comp told me). Well we just went to visit them told them we are their missionarys and then i told sanchez that they are in our zone and we should be helping eachother out anyways. Haha. It was a good week. Cant lie though conference made a little trunky..with all the pictures of the mountains and the fall trees and what not. Also because i watched with Elder Richardson in English. Well i hope your all well, much loves too all! love reg

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