Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Elder Collins

My family
Wow crazy stuff crazy stuff..I have one year! Its gone by pretty fast I cant believe it. Well it was transfers this last week, im still in the same area, I heard from 3 different people that I was changing but I guess that was a lie. Didnt really think that I would though. Well this week has just been all running errands and making calls to get birth certificates to marry this family we have. I have never had such a big problem marrying someone before. Ya nick got transfered to Tarapoto in the jungle. I hear its small but the most beautiful of the jungle areas. We have a new gringo in our zone. Makes me laugh to realize how bad your spanish is when you first start out, also because mine was way worse. This week I realized im not having as many spiritual expiriences as when I first started my mission. I need to be humble! Thats why I love love LOVE Ether 12.27 I always tell people here that my dad tells me to humble myself because if I dont the Lord will help me. Funny thing that you wrote me about prayers Dad because I was thinking this week that I need to pray in the morning more like I used to. Get on my knees and just ask what should I do today! Im going to do that again now! Well im grateful for all of you and all that you have done for me this last year! Ive learned so much and my testimony has tripled! Thank you for your prayers, letters, packages, advice everything! Im so proud to have the parents and family that I do! Cant believe I have a year.  Love you all have a great week! love reg

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