Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Collins

Well hey,
Im a tired boy...We have been working with this family (the chavez family) for awhile to get them married and baptized. We finally get all their papers done and documents and paid for all of it and the night before we go to their house and they tell us that they made up their mind and that they are going to wait to get married because they wanted to buy nicer clothes for their wedding and have a reception and what not! Haha ya i dont think so! We married and baptized them both! Elder Mar one of the other missionaries came with me to teach them in the night to help them realize why they are getting married. The dad was tearing up at the end because he realized after waiting years to be baptized but never could because of problems with his papers and marriage that the lord finally provided him a way to get it done. His wife was being stubborn all the way until she entered the font saying she didnt want to be baptized. After she said thanks for calling my bluff and helping get baptized. We also baptized the girlfriend of a kid who is getting ready to leave for his mission in the next month. Well i officially have more than one year! So funny stuff the day of the wedding i started feeling sick and by the night i was feeling pretty bad so we went to the clinic at like 10 at night. The doctor just said i had a fever gave me a shot in my butt to break the fever some pills and sent me home. The next day i was worse but i still baptized the family. (thats why i look like bad in the pictures.) So we went back to the clinic with another doctor. This one was better turns out i had strep. So he gave me another shot in my butt for the fever and the right meds. Im all good now! (mom please do not call the mission or anything like that im fine!) Thats pretty much how i spent my one year mark!! Hno Sesinio (the husband of my pension) gave me a blessing, and was watching out for me. He started crying in during the blessing because im like a son to him. It was cool. Well thats about it....loves reg

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