Monday, October 8, 2012

Elder Crump

Oh boy, was conference so so so great!!!!  FIRST OFF WHAT THE HECK!!  GUYS CAN LEAVE AT AGE 18!!!  How crazy, but awesome is that!!!  And girls......what are we going to plans are ruined!!  haha but seriously!!! ahh!! Holy Cow, it is still blowing my mind!!  Haha, I was dying when I saw the kids face in the crowd when President Monsen announced it!!! 
So anyway, i loved conference!! It was so great every message was so powerful!  I'm not going to lie, my two top favorites were From Elder Quinten L Cook, and Dallin H. Oaks.  When they talked about the family and how those who harm their familes will have their judgement coming for them!  It seriously meant so much!  So many people here have terrible families.  Husbands who beat their wives and children.  Parents who don't even care for their children, and thousands of women crying over the mistakes of their Husbands, or Boyfriends.  Wow, it was powerful. "Every man will be hold acountable for every tear he makes his wife shed."  "And those who harm a child, it is better for them to have a milestone hung around their neck and have them drowned in the very depths of the sea."  WOW, it just shows how important the family is, and it gives us peace to know that God will have his judgement!  I am so grateful for my family, and my inspiring parents who are the examples every parent should be!  Thank you mom and dad for everyday teaching me how to become more Christlike.  I notice that being out in the mission, conference goes so fast!!  And I end up taking like 30 pages of notes!!! haha  I love it!!  I think its the first time in my life that i actually watched all 5 sessions!!  Man I was missing a lot growing up!! Saturday morning and the afternoon sessions are so powerful!!  If i can give any advice, watch all the sessions!!!  I seriously regret not doing it when i was growing up! 
So im glad to hear all went good for Hudson, and Bren's birthdays!!!  Haha i cant wait to see pictures!!  Ps  i still havent gotten the package with the us open hat!  Ill keep and eye out!!!  So how is everyone doing!  I seriously love hearing from all of you!! Im so happy all is going well!! 
The Cuy was delicious!  First off we had to catch the cuy, then we had to kill them, then we had to drain the blood, then we had to skin them, then after that we fried them up, and ate them!!! haha just kidding but that is how you do it, but we didnt have to kill them!! Thank goodness!! haha but seriously they were so tasty!!!!  Im resending the photos this time!!  hopefully you get them!
If you could send the little book of mormons like the english version you sent!  Also if possible will you send Zebra Pens. Ask Landon Lowry's Dad what they are if you cant figure it out.  They are small and perfect, and i ran out!
So this week was great! A little difficult because Saturday and Sunday we have the most success normally, but we had conference!  haha it was worth it though!!! 
Hey guys i love you so so much!  We have changes next monday!! Im freaking out, but whatever happens, happens right, its all Gods work!
All my Love,

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