Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Collins

So this was a hard week. I felt some serious pressure. Our zone was going to break the record for baptisms in one month with 40. Sadly one of my baptisms this week wasn't able to get confirmed because she had a family emergency and wasn't able to attend church to be confirmed. I feel bad that it happened but there is nothing i could do about it. Elder sanchez(the district leader) is all bugged about it. He is an awesome missionary and works hard but I have never in my life met a more prideful person. I learned about some stuff he was doing just to get more baptisms so we could reach 40 and for me its not ok! I wrote the president about it. Stuff like baptizing little kids without permission from their parents, paying for marriages, baptizing people who still have problems with the word of wisdom, baptizing without them attending church first and stuff like that. Really for me that is incredibly wrong. I know im not baptizing like him but the family we baptized this week is already receiving important callings and his are having interviews because they smoked in between their baptism and confirmation. Its incredible that this is happening and nobody has done anything about it. Sorry I feel like every week I have a problem! I promise most of the time im really happy and I do love it here! Apart from that my comp. and I had a great week baptizing the mudarra family. We also are working hard to find more families. We found 3 new families this week that hopefully will progress.I cant believe its oct! thats nuts!! Well I love you all. Also this week I accidentally drank coffee, hope I dont get sent home! haha loves Reg

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