Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Crump

Wow this week was so so crazy!  Being a zone leader is like a whole different thing!!  We are constantly doing paperwork, driving around to all the areas visiting the elders, and their investigators as well as familes!!  Here in Tarapoto everyone is a branch there isn't wards or stakes just 4 branches. The branches are ran by the mission.    Which means... us!  So crazy!  Also, we have another zone called Yurimaguas that is about 3 hours away that are now apart of our zone!  So we have to go visit them as well!  Seriously its so insane, but i love it!
This week we had our district conference with President Blunck and his wife!  It was awesome!!  We had the assistants stay with us for the weekend because we had interviews with the president and his wife!!  Plus we had a massive baptism the same day!!  Talk about a lot off weight getting thrown on my shoulders!! haha  It seriously was so so crazy!  We ended up baptising like 9 people!! Our investigator couldn't get baptized but this next week on the 10th he will be, along with 2 other familes that we found and a couple of teens.  November will be our month of success!! Im stoked!!
  The jungle is so so different i love it!! Even my accent is changing to the charapa.  I say things like Eldercito, y hermanita, ya pues hermanita haha its very different, but I love it!  The people here are so humble, and so amazing! So welcoming!  Haha I am afraid of he jungle girls, its getting to be very hot here and the hotter it gets the crazier the teenage girls get!  Plus less clothing...oh boy definatly not in utah anymore!! haha but dont worry our pensionista kicks them away!  Whenever they want to come talk to us or try and flirt she throws water on them! and yells at them!! haha  i love that woman!! 
So I cannot belive that I have been out for one year.... seriously time isn't even real anymore!  Plus guess what when the assistants were here they had 3 packages for me!! So on my one year mark i got the camel!!  haha plus all the ties from Trev, all the candy, the pictures!! Thank you so much! The elders all about died when they saw the pictures of Corinne and Brady!! haha plus one even said Brady was good looking....ya im a little worried about that elder... haha just kidding but seriously... haha so things are so crazy we have so much to do all the time!! But i seriously love it!! I loved the pictures of Hud bud y Norah  you guys got some cute kids!!!
I'll be sending some more pictures later!!
I love you so so much!! thank you for all you do!!!
All my Love,


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