Monday, November 5, 2012

Elder Collins

Buenas días America! Well this week was a lot of contacting nothing like a fun filled week of contacting. We found a family this week and they are awesome! We started their papers to be married today so thats always a good thing. It was kind of funny because we had been contacting for like an hour and a half so i was just frusterated not really in a good mood to teach someone. This family lets us in and i just said "look we are here to help you as a family by baptizing you" Well that worked because they were like "ok, great, weve never been baptized before also we want to get married"!! Also this week we had a baptism of a single mom. We have been teaching her for about a month now and she finally had gotten the answer to her prayers that she had been waiting for. Haha myles is playing soccer! nice. I wont lie i kind of felt sad this week thinking that myles will be going soon after i come home. but i guess he´s gotta go somethime  Hey Mom - Dad said your already stressing about what to send me for Christmas christmas! tranquilo no mas! everyone is starting to put up christmas stuff, its making me trunky. haha nah but really. If you see BYLUND tell him sup brah? also tell him im giving him two thumbs up right now! Well thats about it, i love you all! love reg

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