Monday, November 5, 2012

Elder Crump

Well, well, well this past week has been so awesome!!  As crazy as we are, I still find time to love what were doing! haha but seriously things are going great!  So im getting the hang of having to do the paperwork, so today I have a little bit more time!!  So here in the zone tarapoto things are going great!  We already have 3 baptisms for the zone for this month! Our goal is 17 with 5 families!  Think we can do it? You bet your bottom dollar we can!  Im excited!! 
So i am going to answer some questions to calm mom down! haha so first off we have 14 elders in our zone so yes im a father again... we live above a family of members!  Our pensionista!  Her name is Luzmila and she has 4 kids and they are so funny but little twerps!! haha but they have this little boy named lets just say when you see his pic your gonna want to take him home! hahah  So we live in this one room apartment, but its actually nice!  We only have cold cold cold water which i actually like!  The animals i here, i dont actually quite know what they are, but today for p day were going exploring in the jungle, and were going to go hit up some of the sweet waterfalls they have here!  But all the time i see dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, chickens, monkeys, SPIDERS, bugs, lions and tigers and bears,  girl snakes, and all that jazz!  Im hoping today i will see more!  So the mission runs the district so its like President Blunck is the president of tarapoto and we are like his counselers.  They have a branch president but every thing has to go through us then the president of the mission.  My goal is by the time i leave here is to have them become a stake! Its gonna be rough, but right now it just depends if the members will start to take action!  SO like i said we are working like no other! We are mainly focused on our zone, which means we dont have too much time to work in our area, but that still doesnt stop us, right now we have two families that are preparing for the 17 of nov.  One is a madre soltera...i dont remember how to say that in english...a mom who is a alone and doesnt have a husband...  haha oh boy thats bad  and a padre soltero  a dad who doesnt have a wife!  Both have two kids!  Also we have this young guy named Diogo as well for the 17! Im excited for them!!  Its going to be an awesome month!
So i think i answered about all of them... oh yeah we drive in these moto taxis  is a motercycle with a carraige like thing on the back! haha  its actually a smart idea, I think im gonna bring it to utah! hahah  hmmm what else...oh yeah i did get the tape and it was amazing!!!! Thank you so so much!!!  Im so happy!  So about the packages... every month we go to Lima and we have a conference with president and then we get the mail.. so if you want to send some thing for december send it this month, because we go the first of december to pick it up!  So family like i said things are going great!  The jungle is a whole other world!  Seriously so beautiful!  I have only been asked by 5 girls here to have me take them back home and marry them, and 3 of them were under the age of 9, haha no just kidding, but really the people are so different, but so amazing!  I truly have such a love for these people.  They are my brothers and sisters, and i am so lucky to know them.  They teach us such an amazing lesson to know that it doesnt matter how much you make, but how much faith you have in God. 
Family, I want you all to remember that hey this life isnt easy, sometimes were on top, but as we know we can fall down.  Don't look at challenges as a burden, or dont fill your mind with thoughts of why me? But look at it as a way to strenthen your faith in God.  He is always with us no matter what.  Times may be hard, but when one door closes, Heavenly Father opens a window, the windows of heaven, and he will pour us out a blessing, that there wont be room enough to recieve it!  Family i love you will all my heart! Your always in my prayers, and thoughts! I thank you for your love, and support!
All my Love,


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