Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Crump

Well just another day in paradise....haha im sorry but i had to say it! Its so beautiful here!  And mom when i say hot, lets just say im going to be coming home looking like sam!  But it will be super funny because i have a wicked farmers tan!! haha  So This past week was the craziest week of my life!  So First off we had p day on monday, and we went into the jungle and went to the waterfalls!  Its was so awesome!!  But like i said I have like 12 kids here, and it was a little stressful, making sure no one fell into the water!  Seriously it was so funny!  So after that awesome p day, at like 5 we had to hurry and go change, and go pick up the assistants from airport.  Then that night they went on splits with us....ya its ok i surived!  Ps, do you know we have two latin assistants?  The first time! Always we have one white, and one latin!  Anyway, it all went good.  So then tuesday, we had a training for our zone from president blunck and his wife!  We had two other zones come in to tarapoto from Moyobamba, where Elder Fenn  (from my group) is at.  So that morning we had to get up super early, plan everything and get everything ready!  So then we had the training, and it went great!  Then at about 4 it ended, and right away Elder Ferreyra and I left with President, and the assistants, and we all headed straight for the airport!  The plain ride wasn't too long only about an hour, but i got put next to this "snake".  Oh boy, its was bad.  She kept asking questions about the church, i was so nervous because i had president and his wife sitting right in front of me!  Haha, but despite the fact she started crying and hyperventalating when we had a little turbulance, it all turned out to be ok!  Lets just say im gonna beat up elder wilson, the personal secretary who bought my ticket! Haha, but any way we got to lima, and right away we had to get some work done with the assistants!  i dont know why they always want to go on splits with us, but its all good! So we finished, and we stayed with the office elders in their house....oh boy memories from my hurt knee days...haha so then wednesday we woke up early and went and had breakfast with Hma consuelo! She cried! She was so happy to see us!  haha then we went to the zone leader conference!  Wow it was awesome!  Its so so crazy!!  It was a long day, but it turned out to be all good!  Then after in the night we headed back to the airport, and got back about 9:30 at night in tarapoto!   Wow that was a lot! 
So since we didnt have to much time to work in our area for like 4 days, we went into full work load!  We taught and contacted like crazy!!!  it was great!! We are still working with our families!  Jorge the single dad, has been having some problems with his ex, and DIogo, is having problems with his family. They say that if he gets baptized he will be disowned from them!  He is about 21 years and doesnt need permission, but still he wants his families support! Please pray for them!!  Jorge, Diogo, and Mary and Alexa!  They are all so great, but we need all the help we can get with them and their problems!  I have faith that Heavenly Father will bless them, and we will be able to baptize them this month all 4 of them!
So to answer some questions...Mom i like the Dri Lux tops, with the Poly cotton bottoms, send like 12 of each!  Do like the same size dad has, because yes im getting bigger!  We joined a Gym!  Haha i know right me in a gym, but we actually go like 4 times a week, and we have a personal trainer.  Haha so by the time i get home, i will be able to beat trevor and dad at the same time! haha  And with the other arm brady and brendon.  Haha just kidding! but really!  Wow 8 packages!! Im excited!!  I cant wait to get them!!!  So funny story i forgot to tell you, guess who is in my zone...Elder Blas, remember him... he trained me!!! haha its pretty funny to be his zone leader!!  But he is awesome, and finishes in january!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADFORD!!  Im sorry I'm a little bit late, but i hope it was awesome!! You are such a stud, and im so grateful my sister found a husband like you! Brother i love you, and i hope you have the best day!
Wow this was a long letter, mom enjoy! Haha, well i love you all and right now i miss Utah because of the snow, but i wouldnt want to be anywhere else but here!!!
All my Love,


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