Monday, November 19, 2012

Elder Crump

Well Family and Friends how is everyone doing?  I hope all is going great!  So first off.....HOLY COW SO MANY GIRLS ARE GOING TO BE MISSIONARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow that blows my mind how many of my friends are going out!! How great is that! Look at how much the missionary work has progressed!!  We have been told that this next year in January to March we will get like 70 Sister missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!!  So every zone will have like 6 to 8 sisters, and our zone will problably have more because in the past Tarapoto at one point had 12 sisters!!!  Oh boy im nervous to be a zone leader to 19 year old sister missionaries! haha no it will be good! 
So to answer your question about thanksgiving, mom, dad you know how much i love to eat, so you know that i have been praying for a miracle, because its true here in Peru there is no thanksgiving...but my prayers have been answered, we just recieved a email from president Blunck that he is coming here to Tarapoto Thanksgiving day to invite our zone to dinner!!! WERE GOING TO HAVE THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow im so excited!!!  Of all the zones he picked ours!!!!!!! 
So everything is going great with our investigators.  We baptized Maria, that single mom!!!  It was awesome!! She has come such a long way!!  She has been in contact with the missionaries for 4 YEARS!!!! Yeah talk about an eternal investigator!!!  But the difference was 4 years ago they invited her to be baptized, but she was always working and could never come to church... so the missionaries just kind of gave up on her and just keep kind of visiting her.  So when i got here, we went to here house, told her that if she changed her work, and was able to come to church she would see the blessings Heavenly Father has for her, and then we invited her to be baptized!!  And she did it! She asked to change her work hours, she attended church, and a month later she got baptized!!!  It was so awesome!!  All she needed was to be pushed just a little, but with a promise from God, all will be well.  And with her faith that she had, she got that promise, and she has never been so happy!!  Her daughter Alexa, we need to wait for more time, her dad who lives in another city wont give her permission!!! 
So We are preparing Diogo, Jorge, and are you ready......ANOTHER FAMILY!!!  But not only for their baptism, but we are getting them married!!!  This weekend!! Were going to have their wedding in the morning, and then at night were going to baptize The wife, Mariella.  Her Boyfriend is a Member!!  Were so excited!!! Were going to be baptizing 3 families this month!!!  Im so happy!!  but this past week has been even crazier than the last one!  So to marry people here in Peru, is like a big stress case!  First off we have to get their ID from the couple, then we have to send copies to the city where they were born, to get their birth certificate!  But oh wait were in the Jungle, and everyone is from little villages in Iquitos!!  So we have to send members to go find their little island in a boat, and they have to get all their paper work for us!  Then we have to do all their paper work like 2 weeks in advance, and they have to fill out medical forms, proof that they are single, and all that jazz.  So we have been calling all over Peru looking for the paper work, but not only for our couple, but 3 others as well!!  Its been a nutcase!! but i love it! If all goes well we will be baptizing families, and later they can be sealed in the temple for all time and eternity!!!  Wow, the mission is nothing like I thought!!  It so much better!!
Dad good luck in your surgery! I hope,and pray all goes well and you will recover fast!!!  I love you!!!!!
So what more is going on here.....oh i got proposed to last night by this super crazy lady..... she wouldn't let go of my hand!!  It was intense, but I was looking around where is my pensionista with a bucket of water when I need her!! haha
So that is so awesome about Korban!!! Im so excited for him!!  Did he get my letter, because im still waiting on him.  And did you send out all the letters i sent?
I love you guys so much i hope all is well with you guys, and I can't wait to hear back from you all!!
All my Love,

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