Monday, November 26, 2012

Elder Collins

"No its not wheres the snow?" Well i wont lie. We had 2 weddings and 4 baptisms this week! Finally! my work from the whole month came through! it was a happy feeling. The weddings were awesome the Poblete family´s wedding and baptism was a little more special for me. This family is way cool. The dad is really excited about everything and grateful too. The day of their wedding his family threw him a party and i was worried he wouldnt be tempted to drink and to smoke. We went to check on him to make sure everything was ok and while his whole family were there drinking and smoking he and his wife were just off to the side. When we got there he got so happy and was like collins collins i havent drank anything or smoked like you told me! I was so happy, he has a lot of desire to learn more and become better. The other day when we visited his house we caught him reading the book of Mormon. When i was confirming the Holy Ghost with him i felt the spirit really strong. i was a happy camper. Well hope you all had a great thanksgiving, it was just a normal day for me. I really forgot it was thanksgiving after we ate breakfast because their wasnt any cinamon rolls. I feel stressed today because its transfers that and the the fact that im already working like crazy to find more familys again. We still dont know the changes and i wont know anything until 11. Well i love you all and hope all is well. Love reg

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