Monday, December 3, 2012

Elder Crump

Family!!!  How is it going?  I hope all is just so great!!!  So mom, you will be glad to know that i got 2 of my packages.  The offices have the other 6!  Rude huh!  They are going to be bringing them to us, because this month we dont have the zone leader conference because of Christmas.  So president is coming to tarapoto to have a christmas bash with us! haha  But he sent me a letter about the packages... ill forward it to you guys!  I guess when we send a bunch of packages, the Peru government opens them up and checks them, and then makes the church pay for them.  Its kind of dumb, but in the letter it explains more! But still im excited to get my packages, i hope ill get them soon!
So we had another baptism this week!  For Alex!!!  It was awesome! His very active catholic parents came, and they loved the baptism.  His dad is in the police, and is very serious.  He always just puts his hand out to shake, never a hug, even to his own family.  But during the baptism, he was getting a little teary eyed, and after he gave his son a big hug!!!  Seriously, the spirit can change your heart!  They are still very catholic, but little by little they want to learn more!  We didnt baptize Diogo.... his mom had a little freak out, but he talked with her and she finally agreed he could.  So, its for this next saturday!  Im sorry I have so many pictures i need to send you, but my memory has a virus.  Every time i try to load and send a picture my computer turns off!! Its so frustrating!! So when i Can I will send pictures of the wedding, and of all the baptisms!!!
Wow, really this past month has flown by!  We have been so busy.  I realized yesterday that we are in december!  Seriously, what an amazing month! We finished as a zone with 14 baptisms!!  Its great, but we had the goal of 17!  We were sad, because this month we had the chance to go above the goal!  But, we had like 8 baptisms fall through!  It's ok, hopefully for december we will be able to make up those baptisms!  So this month was really cool for my companion and me, because we completed with the goal of the mission.  The goal of excellence! 8/4/2  Its when you have 8 people progressing, (4 families, and 4 other people), you baptize 4 people, and baptize 2 families.  It was awesome, because here in Tarapoto no one has ever done it!  In Iquitos, and Pucallpa its a lot more common, because the people are a lot more accepting and awesome, but here its kind of like the Lima of the Jungle.  But it didnt stop us, we wanted to get it, and set the example for the zone and we did it!  We baptized 3 families!!!  it was such a powerful and amazing experience!!
As a zone, we want to end this year with a bang, and if all goes well, and the dates dont fall through, we are going to have about 28 baptisms for december!!!  Tarapoto has never had more than 17 in one month!!  But were gonna do it! As long as we get past 20 we will be happy, but were still going for 28!
So keep a look out because in these next couple of weeks you will be getting a package from me!!  And tell trev and kenz sorry i need to know that day!  haha I hope they`ll still like it! 
Family how crazy is it that we are in the month of the christmas season!  I love it!   Its wierd being away, but what I am doing is what christmas is all about!  Of course i miss the Lights, the snow, the time with the family, but everyday that i get to put on my name tag and walk out the door as a representative of Jesus Christ, Its like christmas!  Family, take the time this year to remember what this season is about!  All of you have your own little families, and how great is that!  Cherish those moments together, and create family traditions that will last a life time!  I love you guys so much!  I miss you like crazy, and i cant wait to talk to you guys this christmas!!  Congrats Bren on your JOB!!!!!!!!!!!  Corinne and your school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thats so great!!!!!!!  Im so proud of all of you and what you guys are doing!!!
Keep us in your prayers! Pray that we will be able to meet our goals, not only to have better numbers, but to help us improve as missionaries, but most importantly help us to bring MANY people unto our Savior, Jesus Christ!!
All my Love,

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