Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elder Crump

MY dearest family and Friends!!  Wow we are getting close to Christmas!!!  I cant believe its already the tenth!!  Time isnt even real anymore!  So drum roll please..... daddaddadadadaddaddadadaddadaddadadaddadadaddadadaddadadadd   DIOGO GOT BAPTIZED!!!  Haha finally!! haha boy its been a strugle with him, but all went good!  He was so happy to get baptized!  And his girlfriend even showed up, which made him happy! 
Haha so seriouly this past month has been so great, for the past 4 weeks ever saturday we have had a baptism!  Its been so great!  I love the jungle!  haha but i am sad to say that for this next week we dont have a baptism, but for the end of this month we should have a few more!  We are preparing 2 more families, one needs to get married, they are the friends of Mariela and Jack.  But the problem is they can't attend church until january because he works in the mornings!  They are named Davis and Inith.  They want to be baptized. He asked for permission to change his work schedule, but they said he has to wait till the new year...  Also, they have a friend named Washington, we are preparing for this month.  Hopefully he will be able to come to church!  Then the other family is where the wife is a member, but her husband isn't.  They were about to separate, but we jumped right in, and he wants to change everything and become a member... but he is a police officer so its hard for him to attend church!  Oh yeah and last night we received an awesome reference from one of the ladies in our ward!  She has four ladies living in her house and they all came to church.  They want to learn more, and tomorrow we are going to invite them to be baptized for this month!  So if all goes well and people come to church, we can baptize like 5 or 6 people!! Please pray for them!
So Awesome news... I got a letter from the ward Tahuantinsuyo, and 4 of my investigators i had there and invited them to be baptized, followed through, and got baptized!  But the best of all was Hmo Martin!!!  The Husband of Hma Diana, my Peruvian Mom!  She was the lady who threw the birthday party for me, with the cake!  So anyway, here is the story of Martin.  He has known about the church for 15 years...  He has talked with many missionaries, but never wanted to change his life!  He always drank, fought with other men in the street, and was straight up just a mean guy!  He always just called me a gringo...  so his life with Hma Diana was pretty sad.  She didn't want anything to do with him, and neither did his kids.  She slept in a different room than him, and for months we asked why are you still together?  But she always said for her kids, and she knows that one day he can change.  So for months, seriously i didnt like that man! He was so rude to us, but still i was always so nice to him, and said hello.  But all of that changed one night.  So this happened about in august, sorry i didnt tell you about it but i thought you might worry... haha so anyway my comp and went to hma Dianas house to thank her for her help with Doyla, our baptism that we had.  So when we knocked on her door,  Martin answered.  I could tell he was a little drunk, so politley we asked if Hma Diana was there, and hr just said come in, and turned away into the kitchen.  We stood there, not wanting to go in.  Then from kitchen, he yelled come in again.  Then he came out of the kitchen with a Knife.  He said he is going to kill someone.  You can imagine at this point we were kind of freaking out, but for some reason i was like who? Who do you want to kill!  He said that stupid dog up the street, he bit me!  And then he lifted up his pant leg, and he was gushing out blood.  Seriously it was terrible, and he was going white.  So i went inside and said Martin, drop the Knife your not going to kill the dog.  Then he started to cry and said i need to!   Then i yelled at him and said, Martin dont make me come take the knife from you.  It was so powerful, but dont worry i was still at my distance from him. I then said Martin we need to take you to the hospital.  He started crying hard and dropped the knife, so then i ran over and kicked it away and grabbed him. Me and my comp carried him to my penisonista's house where we cleaned out his wound, and then her husband drove him to the hospital.  So that was the first part.  The second part was when we saw him the next day.  He looked terrible, but he thankedd me.  It was the first time he said my actual name, Elder Crump.  So then later that night at about 1 in the morning he knocked on our door crying.  I opened the window, and he told me that he just had a big fight with his wife. He said, im drunk , but i want to change... i need to change..  help me!  I want to listen to the lessons!  So as you can imagine, i was like what the!  So i told him ok lets meet tomorrow, and we'll talk.  So the next day, we met at a members house.  I talked very direct with him, and told him Martin we can help you, but only if you do what we say! You need to stop drinking right now.  You need to be nice to your wife, as well as your kids.  When we give you something to read, you need to read, you need to attend church, and pray to God.  I told him if he really wants to change, he need to do that.  God can forgive you, but first you need to forgive yourself.  And the next day we invited him to be baptized in november, near the end the 24th, because he had some problems with some stuff.  And as you know i got my change, but just this morning i received an email from him with pictures of his baptism! He did it! He changed, gave up drinking, read the book of mormon, and is now a member!!!  After so many years he finally changed, and now his family is so much better.  They are happy, and are all members.  God really had plan for him.  I know that we were meant to knock on his door that night,  which changed everything!  Wow, im just so happy that he did it!  So mom, sorry if that story kind of scared you but dont worry we were protected, and look what came out of it!
Family, i love you guys so much!  Being out here far away from you guys, truly has showm me how much i miss and love you guys.  You all mean so much to me, and i only want the best for you guys!  This month is going to be so wonderful!  Enjoy this CHRISTmas season! Remember what its all about. 
Wow, that is so sad to hear about Danielle's dad.  I cant believe it, he was so young! How is the family doing!  Tell her im sorry, and give her a hug for me!
Im glad you guys are getting into the Christmas spirit, and wow talk about a lot of parties!! haha i love it!  Im still waiting on the packages, but this week ill get them!!  And keep a look out for mine! I hope it gets there before Christmas!!!
Well, this turned out to be a long letter! haha i love you guys so much! Stay safe, and know that i love you all!
Elder Crump


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