Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey Family! Well first of all i want to say sorry that this is a day late. We had a conference and christmas devotional with president yesterday so they changed p day to today without telling us! Well this week i got my new companion.His name is Elder TTito from Araquipa peru. Hes really nice and a good guy. Yes im training him. He actually was in the mission in 2008 for a little bit but went home because he got really sick. Its a little awkward that im his trainer because im only 20 and he´s turning 27 in january! haha. But i still call him my son. He has a lot of excitement to contact. He will contact while we are contacting someone else. The other day we were contacting someone and he saw a young teen and quickly turned around, stopped him and started talking to him alone! Yesterday was pretty great we had a training conference first then after we did stuff for Chirstmas. We all went to a restaurant with pres then played jepordy and watched the christmas mission video. It was a good time, a little wierd because its only december 3 but hey its still great. I got some packages yesterday and everyone was laughing at me because i had so many packages Haha well no one has ever seen scented pinecones before, everyone thought it was food! I wont lie i gave the nativity set to Hno sesisnio because i am in his house more than mine and he was super grateful and said thanks! haha. Im not really sure what stuff is for who? there is like 4 stockings?! But hey thanks! well much loves for all love reg!

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