Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elder Collins

Well this week went by fast. Maybe its because we had pday tuesday? We have been working with a single dad for the last month. His only problem has been that he smoked. We have helped him and he hasnt smoked for 3 weeks so his baptism was supposed to be yesterday. So we go to pick him up for his baptism and hes drunk! He never drinks so we dont know what happened. I was a little upset but i have learned to get over these problems a lot faster now. Luckily we ended up having 10 investigators attend church. We went to pick up two guys who are 18 and 20 and they invited their friends to come too. That helped out a lot. Im still looking for familys though. My comp has a thing that if he sees a kid of the age of 15 to 20 he contacts them immediately. Its not a bad thing but im always trying to remind him that "you get what you look for" elder packer. I want familys so thats what im always looking for. Its a little funny too because he freaks them out the first lesson saying "and after you get baptized you can leave your family for two years and serve the lord!" haha you should see the look on their faces. WOW! the poblete family is awesome. the dad has a strict security job and a strict boss. Every two weeks he works day shifts and every two weeks night shifts so two weeks he cant attend church. But yesterday he told his boss that its important to attend church to be with his family and keep a commandment. Now he has permission to leave work every sunday to go to church. They are working towards the temple right now! He recieved the priesthood last week.Yes, im in the famous club now of  842! bout time. I worked hard to make it to that! Well not much more to say. I want to send you guys a package but i cant promise it will get there for christmas. Im sending a letter for sure though! I love you have a great week! love reg
 P.S. Thank You Miller Family I just got your Halloween Package, not sure where its been?

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