Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elder Crump

Family, Friends, Hows it going?  I hope amazing as usual!!   So  your week last week sounded crazy! Your had like a party every night!  Im glad Alex finally got married as well! haha  Im glad mom didn't freak out about the story about the knife, but look what came out of it!  So can you believe it almost Chritmas!  It still blows my mind! 
SO to answer some of moms many, many  questions,  there still is no snow... haha obvious its like 100 degrees here, but Peru is getting into the christmas spirit! There is a big tree in the center of the jungle where there is Lights, and all that great stuff!  Plus there is a Peruvian nativity scene! haha its so funny there all Peruvians! There are llamas, Baby jesus is wearing Peruvian poncho, and a funny hat! haha classic!  plus remember the moto taxis here, well a few are decorated like santa's sleigh, and the guys are dressed up like santa! haha its awesome! I'll try to send pictures!  The stores now are all filled with toys, and candy! Its awesome! But it cracks me up because here people think its so cool to write in english, so there are many signs that say  Mery Crismas,  Meri Khristmas!  Hahah its the best!
Mom yes i got my packages!  Except for one... president didnt have room in his bag, so i still have one waiting for me in Lima.  How do i tell which one if for my comp?  Write back and let me know!
So I have a big suprise for you guys!  But you'll find out at 4 pm my time!  So be ready, and have your cell charged, because i get to do a pre call today to plan for Christmas!!!!  So be ready! Mom I'm gonna call you!  And yes i have some news to tell you... but you will have to wait! 
So anyway holy cow all of the girls are leaving on missions!! That is so great, but so sad for my future...haha no its going to be awesome! Thats crazy about Shaunie, and Kasandra, who else! I need names! haha so family you should be getting my package the 21st or the 23rd.  But keep a look out.  I sent it on the 11th, and she told me 10 to 12 days!  I hope you get it before Christmas!!  Mom there is something for everyone! I hope you enjoy! Plus there is a little something extra for the girls, letters for everyone, and of course a little something extra for mom!!  haha
So this week has been so great!  Things are going great with our investigators!  Davis and Inith were going to do their wedding and Baptism in January, just because we just don't have too much time, as well as Washington!  But were going to baptize two of the 4 girls that were references!  They both came to church, and are excited, and the other 2 need to attend church more, so they will be for January as well!  Things are going great! Seriously, we had like 6 investigators come to chruch today, with a new family, as well as another family of 4 who has been coming to church for 3 weeks now, wants to take the lessons to be baptized! So seriously for January we will have like 10 baptisms with 3 families! Its gonna be awesome!
So this past week we had our Christmas party with president Blunck, and his wife! It was awesome!  First off he came to our District Meeting to see how we did it. And we rocked it! Everything went so good! We did tons of practices, and we had an awesome training!  President was so happy with our zone!  Plus he presented my comp and I with our Certificate of 8/4/2!  And the ex comp of Elder Collins was there with us, and he got his too, because him and reg got 8/4/2 as well!  Then after in the night, we had a Christmas devotional, where we played games, we all had santa hats, President Blunck bought us all gifts, and hma blunck made us home made cookies, and banana bread!  it was so awesome!  Then the next day, we had another training with Pres Blunck, then we all went to this way fancy resturant for lunch!  It was an awesome christmas celebration!!
Family Friends, I do love you guys so much! I am so grateful for your love and support!  I know mom you say you dont quite feel like your in that Christmas spirit yet, but i promise you when you place baby Jesus in his manger on Christmas eve, it will hit you!  That is what this time of year is all about.  Our Savior, Christ.  As we do the shopping, play in the snow, drink hot chocolate, and watch every christmas movie, we must always keep in our hearts why we celebrate this day.  I wish you all the Merriest Christmas!  I Cannot wait to talk, and hopefully see your faces this christmas!  You guys truly are so wonderful, and i love you all so much!
All my Love,

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