Monday, December 31, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello Family,
   Well pretty sure this week was the longest week of my life. After talking to you guys it passed by slow. But i saw a clip about the Savior from elder Holland and he always knows how to but fire in your pants and illuminate the spirit in whatever moment. I felt like i needed the spirit way more in my life. Its easy to forget that this isnt my work.  This week ive been fighting to get some baptisms down. I was supposed to have three yesterday but only one worked out. They are all 18-23 year old boys and for me its kind of a headache to teach that age. Here its just too easy for a boy to drink or to fall with his girlfriend. It really is a miracle when a boy from the jungle leaves on a mission because the temptation is really hard for them here. Thats what happened with one of our investigators he drank over Christmas so wasnt able to be baptized. The night he was supposed to be baptized he called our house at 1 am drunk yelling i should have been baptized.. it kind of frustrated me, just showed me that he´s not ready to make this covenant right now. The other boy just never showed up, we went to pick him up at his house to go to the chapel together and he just never showed up. But apart from all that we baptized percy pizango. He is a friend of benji who we baptized last week and just has been really interested in the church. He asked us to set up a time with the bishop to make mission plans! pretty cool stuff. Well today is new years eve, we changed dinner to be able to eat as a zone in the night. Supposedly there is going to be a ton of fireworks hopefully the same as lima because that was so cool last year. Well i love you all and hope your doing well. Have a good week and ill talk to ya next year! love Elder "Baby" collins


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