Thursday, January 3, 2013

Elder Crump

Family and Friends!

Well first off Happy New Year!!! How did it go there? So here as you know was as crazy as ever!!!!  It was seriously like a war zone again!  People were going go crazy!!  Peru seriously enjoys their parties!  And it doesn't help that they mix beer, and fireworks....haha but anyway we lived through the night! haha  So i feel like its been a long time since i have wrote you guys! sorry about that!  But know that my P days are Thursday, but sometimes it gets changed to Saturday if we have stuff to do during the week!  But I'll let you know!  So i am going to answer a some of your questions.  So my job as the personal secretary is that i am in charge of President Blunck's Schedule.  I have to always set appointments, rent cars, and book flights.  Also I am in charge of doing all the changes, so i have to prepare for all the new elders that are coming in, and the ones that are leaving!  So the president the assistants and I are the only ones who know all the changes before they happen.  So also i have to buy all the flights for all the Elders who get there change from the jungle or those to are going to the jungle.  Also, I am in charge of all of the passports of all the missionaries.  And their Peruvian IDs.  So i am constantly working with the Area in south america, to make sure all is going well, and all goes well when the elders have to go to imigration.  Also, because my comp is in charge of all the sick people, I have to set up the appointments for the elders that go to the clinics, and i have to call the mission insurance to make sure everything is getting paid for.  I'm also in charge of setting all the interviews with president and his counselers.  And then there is a bunch of other little stuff that i have to do like everyday!  SO pretty much im just always on the computer or talking on the phone all day!  Im tired... haha no but is going good! Its a lot of work, but Elder Wilson is helping me out, and i feel like im getting the hang of it!  But this next week Wilson, is getting changed, and I'll be alone!!!  I'm nervous but excited!  So to sum up my job, I'm a travel agent, and i work with the government of South America. 

But the good news is if we dont have too much to do, we get to leave at about 5 or 6 pm to go work!! Its awesome!  Our baptism got cancelled because saturday our investigator got sick and went to the hospital! AHHHH! we were sad, but he is back now and is doing good!  He is so excited for his baptism, and just keeps asking us when he is going to get baptized!  He says that man satan really is trying to keep me from getting baptized, but i wont let him stop me!  His name is Eloy, and he is about 65 years old! He is so awesome!!  So this week he will get baptized!  Also we have another guy that is preparing for this month named Milton!  His girlfriend is a new convert, and he is reading the Book of Mormon.  He loves it, and this week were gonna commit him to a date!  So even though we dont have too much time to work out in the field, were doing good!  We found like 12 new people this week, and 4 families!  It was awesome!  Being here really is a different mission.  I miss the Jungle like crazy, but i just found out that 3 of my investigators got baptized like we had planned! And 2 of our families are getting married this month!!  I'm so excited for them! I obviously wish i could see them get baptized, but im just happy that they're getting baptized!

So to fill you in a little bit more.  There are 6 elder in the offices.  4 Secretaries, and 2 Assistants.  Secretary: Personal, Finance, Packages, and Baptisms forms.  We all live together in the same house! Its so funny!   We have a kitchen, so somethimes we make food, but normally we just go buy food, but we eat dinner with the members.  Elder Carranza, and Elder Uribe are the Assistants.  Carranza is from Peru, and Uribe is from Colombia.  Then There is Elder Baker from Texas who is the Finance Secretary, Then Elder Sepulveda from Chile, who is theiSectretary of the Baptism forms, and then My Comp Elder Paucay from Chile.  He is in charge of all the packages, and the sick people.  So I hope that has filled you all in on what s going on!  Let me know if you have any questions! 

So family I do love you all so very much!  I loved seeing all your faces one christmas! It was the best present ever!  2013,  wow I can't believe this year is here! Wow time is going by like crazy!  Family, friends thank you for all you do!  Mom, Yes i did get all of your packages, and they were amazing!  I'm still waiting on letters from some people... you know who you are! haha well i hope you all have the best week!
All my Love,


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