Friday, January 18, 2013

Elder Crump

Well family and friends how is everything going?  I hope great as always!  So first off mom, i enjoyed your worried mom email!  The funny thing was i made Elder Baker Respond! haha, but i was right behind him when he was writing!  Sorry I'll try to give you a heads up next time! It was a suprise to us that we weren't gonna have p day!  But it was a training with all the new missionaries that came in!  It all went great except for the fact that one of the new white elders got really sick, and was throwing up. So i had to sit with him and talk with him to calm him down.  Oh boy it ws so hard not to throw up with him! haha  But its all good.  He is doing a lot better, his stomach just wasn't used to the food here!  So this past week was pretty calm.  It wasnt as crazy as the last! I dont think any week can be as crazy as the last! But like i said, i learned a lot!  And the next change around president, told me he wouldn't wait so long to do the changes!
So funny story.  So the other day president comes up to me and told me that he recieved a bill of all the expenses of the mission.  Apparently for the past like 3 years, the mission has been paying for things that we shouldn't be paying for.   At first i was like, OH NO WHAT DID I DO!  But he was like, oh don't worry I'm not mad with you, we have had this problem for many years! For example the mission pays for the flights within the mission like to the jungle and back to Lima, but we have been charged for all the flights when the missionaries go back to their countries as well!  But that is the Area´s expense, not ours.  So yesterday, i had to sit down with the Financial Secretary  (Elder Baker) and look up what was the problem.  We found out that codes have been put in wrong, and the travel company and the Area don't want to take the blame.  Haha but all is good now, we have the right codes.  So we´ll see if it gets better!

So i found out this past week now that another one of my jobs is I'm in charge of the sick missionaries in the JUNGLE!!  WHAT!  Haha  So yeah, i have to send medical forms to them and information for the clinics.  And when its really serious, we have to bring them here to Lima!  And then when they are here in Lima, my Comp Elder Paucay takes over!  So thats some new information. Also i have to translate for the doctors of the Area, because they don't speak Spanish!  They are so funny!  So everytime a latin elder needs to meet with them, i translate.

But yeah it wasnt too crazy this past week.  Right now, I'm preparing to send missionaries home.  So I'm working with their passports, and this is the time when all the WONDERFUL PARENTS... start to call in! Haha, no it's all good they just want to know when their kid is coming home, or when they have their P DAY:) Haha, I love you mom!

SO I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!  So i don't know if you remember one of my investigators Leo that i had when i was serving in Tahuantinsuyo.  Well what happened with him was he always wanted to be baptized, but he had the hardest time picking a date.  So finally after a long time with him, we had to let him go.  It seriously was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do in the mission.  I actually cried that night.  Because it so hard to see someone so amazing, so prepared and has really felt the spirit deny the feelings, because of fear.  Well thats what happened.  But just the other day, the elders that are in my old area came up to me and said that Leo has a baptism date.  This has been like 5 months ago since i last taught him.  So i was like um, i dont believe it.  And they were like no really, and he wants to talk to you.  So i and talked with him, and he just broke down and said how bad his life has been since we stopped teaching him.  He didn't come to church and when Elder Flores and I got changed out of that area he kind of was forgotten.  When the elders looked him up in the Area book under old investigators and went and contacted him, he said right from that he knew that he need to be baptized and no longer wanted to put it off!  Right then he said, but i really want to be baptized by the Elder that found me, Elder Crump.  But, i know he is in the Jungle... then The Elders were like no hes not! He's right here in Tahuantinsuyo in the offices.  So then Leo got really excited and came to the offices to ask if i would baptize him!  All i could say was WOW, and OF COURSE!! I have been waiting for this day forever! So tomorrow, i will be baptizing him!  Im so excited! Seriously, i miss the jungle, but Heavenly Father has plans for everything, and how perfect that this worked out!  I'll be sure to send some pictures!

So on a side note to that! Milton has his baptism date set for the 27 of January!!!  I'm so excited!!!  He is awesome!!  Seriously, we are being so blessed with our limited time to get out and teach here.  I really have learned a new form of patience, and have gained an overwhelming trust in the Lord.  If we put ourselves in His hands, and trust Him, he will provide the way!  Its amazing the mission.  It doesn't matter where you are.  We're all doing, and teaching the same message.  I love it here!  I hope one day before i got home i can find my way back to the Jungle, but honestly whatever happens...happens.

Family / Friends i love you guys so much! I'm so grateful for you!  Thank you for your emails and letters!  Friends sorry letters are coming back, i have been a little slow in writing, but I'm still waiting for a couple from some of you!  (KORBAN) haha  ps. mom i love the emails from my friends keep sending them!  Also i got 2 of the 3 packages!  Thank you!!  I hope you have the best week! Kenzie i hope all goes well, and we´ll get to see that cute little girl soon!

I love and miss you all!

All my Love,


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