Monday, January 14, 2013

Elder Collins

Ya pues,
 Well family im still in the jungle and I am still with Elder TTiTo looks ill finish training him. I got put as District leader so thats neat. There is 6 of us in the district. Its kind of the same i just take numbers down now and have to give trainings on tues and find birth certificates to marry people. This week was frustrating. I have been working really hard to get all of the people that we are teaching in the church sunday so that they can be baptized this month. I have like 4 families that we have found in the last week and none of them came. Before they can be baptized they have to attend church twice so this was the last sunday to be able to baptize this month. Its so hard to get people in the church here! there is so many excuses  its incredible. Im a little sad  because for the last 8 months ive baptized at least one family every month  and were not going to be able to do that this month... But ive been thinking about that and i believe the Lord wants me to learn more patience. This week i think i ate like 4 new fruits that ive never heard of before so that was just fantastic. One was the fruit that coco comes from. Well i love you all. have a great week! love Reg

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