Thursday, January 10, 2013

Elder Crump

So Family and Friends how is everything going?  I hope just great!  So to start off thisc past week was so tiring...  We had the changes, and the Zone Leader Conference in the same week!  I think President Blunck was testing me! haha but really this is what happened.  So normally President does the changes like 3 weeks in advance, and then gives me like 2 weeks to buy all the flights, buy all the transportation, and prepare for all the new missionaries, and send all the old missionaries home....well not this change. He gave me the changes 2 DAYS before the change!!  I was getting so nervous!  And what made it worse was i couldn't even buy the flights for all the zone leaders who were coming in because i still didn't even know the changes.  So, when we got the changes my fingers when crazy typing, and calling people.  So as we all know buying flights like one day or two days before you leave is rough, so i went right into that. The problem is when i book a flight, i have to send an email with all the information of the person flying to the travel agency, then they email me back....sometimes fast, sometimes like 4 hours later!  Then i have to send it to the Area for them to pay for it, then i get another email of the flight info, then i have to do the Check in, then email the Boarding pass to the person.  So because it was so last minute, it took forever! And because i had to buy like over 50 flights the agency made mistakes on some of the names, and what time the filght really was.  So i also had to cancel like 10 flights, and rebook 10 more!  But the good news is, i don't lose money if i buy the flight and then cancel it the same day!!

Actually funny story wiith that, so President did a change, but the elder didnt want to go.  The elder was here in Lima finishing his mission, because he gets to go to the sealing of one of his families he baptized in the jungle.  But two days before the sealing, he got his change to go back to the jungle.  He was so sad, but i bought his flight. But when i bought the flight, the time got mixed up.  So I called the agency and they told me they would change it, and the day of the changes i could just rebook the flight.  So the day of the changes came, and this elder went to the president asking if he could stay here in Lima.  President wasn't too happy, but said well elder let's find out if we can cancel the flight without losing money.  So right before this happened, i had just bought his other flight!! haha but because i had bought it that same day we were able to cancel it without getting charged! haha so its a good thing we made the mistake the day before or the elder might of missed seeing this family get sealed! haha
So we also had to send all the missionaries that were finishing home....oh boy that was so crazy!  I was on the phone for like 2 hours trying to find out what happened to a passport.  It was frustrating.  Haha but the best was last night, we finished the zone conference and then right away the elders that were from the jungle need to start leaving to go back to the jungle. And then an elder comes up to me and is like Elder Crump do you have my passport or my Peru ID?  I was like no the Area has it, but its ok you can travel with you ID from Ecuador.  But then he is like, well i dont have it, i left it in my room in Iquitos....WHAT!! haha man it was crazy. So i had to call the Area to see if they could meet this elder at the airport with his passport, so i sent the elder off and i said if they don't get there call me.  So we waited and waited, and then i get a call from a lady at the area telling me that she has good news and bad news.  The good news is that the elder now has his passport...But the bad news is we got there a little late, and his companion got on the plan without him, and went to Iquitos!!  So then we had an elder alone in the Airport!  So yeah we had to go pick him up, and he had to fly out early in the morning!  Oh boy it was a stressful weekend! haha  But after like 3 days without sleep, seriously like 3 days  the changes and the zone leader conference, its all over!  The offices were nothing like I thought! haha but no all is good, because this was just the beginning test.  And i made it through it!  So this next change will be a breeze! haha
So besides the office life, lets talk about missionary work!  That's right we had our baptism!!! Eloy got baptized!! It was awesome! Despite the fact that he was sick the last week, and he has to walk with a cane, he still wanted to get baptized!  It really was such an awesome experience!  He truly was so ready.  Milton still doesnt have his date set. with all the changes that we had we really didn't have too much time to go up and teach this past week, but the good news is tonight we get to go up!!!  Im so excited!
Well family, I love you guys so much!  I love hearing about all that is going on!  Trevor Happy Birthday man!! I can't believe you hit the big 25! wow! And any day your gonna be a dad!! Thats so great! i cant wait to meet your cute little girl!  So family I leave you with the best wishes for this week! 

All my Love,



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