Monday, January 28, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello family!
     Givem Chicken and Rice Mom! haha. Well this week was a pretty good week. We had two baptisms this week. Frank and Damaris. Damaris is a little girl who´s parents are members and her mom is the only active one who is 9 and wanted to be baptized. Frank is one of the friends of the other two teen guys we baptized last month. Its kind of funny because when we started teaching his friends he would tell them lies about us and the church and didnt want to listen to us. This past month he has seen his friends change and that they are happy so he just came to church one day, liked it and then asked us if we would talk to him too. He told us that one night his family was having problems and he went into his room to pray to ask if our message was true and said he just felt really calm after and was ready to be baptized. He is a really good kid and is adapting well and making friends in the ward. I heard that the poblete family has been having some problems so i asked the bishop to talk to them to see if they need help. They dont have a lot of money right now and there roof is falling apart and every time it rains water enters in. The ward is going to go over to his house Sat. to fix his house. When we visited them last night Jose poblete was worried that I thought he was just baptized to get help financially. We explained to him we didnt think that at all and that the ward will always be there to help and that he should always ask for help if he needs it.Well this week I really tried to focus on teaching people who God really is like you said Dad. Here everyone prays to him as if he were some imaginary being and as if he is a God of punishment or a God who can give them power like star wars or something. Even the members have problems "please don't abandon us my God" is what some of them say. Its so important that they just realize he´s our father. They get so scared going to hell and I always try to explain it like if your son did something really bad would you tell him to go burn in a firey pit forever and abandon him for the rest of his life? they usually say "well no he´s my son." Then I just explain that God would not either.One thing that is frustrating here is when I can see that somebody understands our message and I can see the spirit testify to them that its true and they simply wont change because they are catholic!!! I am sure you had that more than I do being in Italy Dad haha! No mom, there is not one house that I  always want to eat at because we eat the same in every house. haha. Last P day we went to the natural park. Like the zoo but in the jungle. Its cool the first time but this was my 3rd time and i dont want to go anymore. 3 trips to the zoo in 4 months is too much for me. And YES! finally we had people in the chapel. 8 actually with 3 families! It always makes the week better. Well thats about it. I think today we are going to play soccer. I love you all! love, Reg

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