Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elder Crump

YOU HAD A BABY!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED WHEN I READ THAT EMAIL!  Wow seriously, that blows my mind!  Trev, Kenz your parents....Wow, that is so awesome! Seriously!  I can't wait to see her, please send pictures!!  Wow, I have 2 nieces and a nephew...I feel old...but I LOVE IT!  So if anyone else feels like they want to join the baby club...(corrine...brady), go right ahead right now is the perfect time because by the time someone would have their baby, I will be home! That's right, i will be home in 9 months!!! Crazy huh?  But really I'm so happy for you guys!  Mia Collet sounds like the perfect name!  Aunt Collete, I'm sure loves it!
So this week has been pretty good!  As you know my comp has been recovering from surgery, which don't worry mom, i know what it is, but it is kind of personal to say in an email...i think you can imagine what it might be.  But anyway he is doing great and recovering just fine!  We have been able to go up to work a couple times this week, but we just walk very slowly and take taxis! haha  So i have some good and bad news.... So the bad news is Milton didn't get baptized this past week...He had so many finals that he didn't have time, and he went and stayed with his aunt who lives near his college for the weekend to study and prepare.  We were a little sad, but the good news is he is still getting baptized!!!  This sunday!!  He wrote it in his planner and is so excited and ready!  Its been a long road for him, but he really has come so far!  So next week you´ll be getting a bunch of pictures!  
So i just found out that I'm going to be getting a new companion!  Elder Paucay is finishing his mission in 3 months. so president is releasing him as a secretary, and letting him go out into the field!  I'm gonna miss him, but I'm super excited to who my new comp is going to be!!! He is awesome!  Seriously!  He has been my friend in the mission for a while!  He just found out yesterday, and he was a little bummed at first, like everyone, but is excited that we get to be comps!!!  I'll let you know how it goes, and I'll tell you more about him next week.  Wish me luck, he comes into the offices tomorrow!!!

So what to say about this week... nothing too much happened to be completly honest.  We are preparing to have the changes in a couple weeks, so i have been doing everything i can to be ready.  I was a little bit more calm, but now the president told me that he is gonna give me like 4 days to do all the changes and buy all the flights.  It's gonna be a crazy week! Plus there is like 16 missionaries finishing, and we're getting like 25 new missionaries!  You can already see the progress in the missionary work, we used to get like 15 missionaries at the most, but now every change, like more than 25!  

So even though we haven't had too much time to work with my comp in my area, I have been going up with the other secretaries in there area, as well as mine.  We take turns who has to stay back with my comp! Haha, but the other day we met with one of the investigators from the other secretaries ward.  Her name is Ofelia.  She has been meeting with the missionaries for 3 years, on and off.  All of her brothers and sisters are members, her husband, and even all her kids.  She is the only one missing!  It really has been hard on her family. She has her son that has been out in the mission and is finishing this April.  She has always had so many doubts, and never really felt welcome. But these past 6 months, she has been coming to all the activities, and the members have been so amazing to her! They are her friends, and now she feels like this is where she needs to be.  So the other night we committed her to be baptized and she said YES!  She says that her son writes her week telling about his experiences, and all the FAMILIES that get baptized and sealed together.  He always says that his only wish is that one day his mom will baptized so their family can be sealed.  She broke down into tears saying how grateful she is for her son and his MANY prayers for her.  He never gave up on her, and now she has her date set and she is getting Baptized in February. Her son still doesnt know, but she is doing it on his birthday and is going to send him the pictures as a present.  It seriously was a cool experience to see how strong her testimony is, and how grateful she is for those members who made her feel welcome, and for her son who never gave up on her.

Well Family and Friends, I do love you guys! I love hearing about what is going on, and it makes me happy to know all is well!  I'm going to be sending some letters soon to friends.  Tell them I'm sorry its been so long, but they are coming! I love you all so much! Trev, Kenz you guys are going to make great parents, don't you worry! Send pics of that cute little girl!

All my Love,



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