Monday, February 18, 2013

Elder Collins

Well crazy stuff, crazy stuff. So this week ended up being transfers. My ZL told me that i was going to train again. I was kind of bummed but then accepted it. So we went to the stake center to announce the changes and my zone leader just got up and said everything will be the same...except E. Collins is going to Lima! What?! i didnt expect that at all. I got really excited but also sad to leave Sisinio and Hna nancy. I didnt know where i was going or anything only that i was going to Lima. So i packed all night and said goodbye to sisinio and his family cried a bit and went to Lima at like 8 in the morning. When i got out of the car that picked me up out walks Elder Crump!! haha i gave him the biggest hug! almost a year without seeing him and we are in the same mission. and then next out walks Elder Fenn! He was leaving to his area so he gave me a hug and said "ill see you tomorrow"  and i look at E. crump to know what that means and he just says "ill explain later" After a little bit one of the assistants says Elder Collins your comp is on his way to pick you up and you are the new zone leader in the zone comas!!  wow i really didnt expect that at all. Nick was just laughing. We spent most of the day together which was awesome! The next day was zone leader conference so thats what fenn meant because he is zone leader to, so then we walked in to see who is training and there is E. Richardson..Im together with my group again. My new comp is Elder Ojeda from Bolivia, la paz. Hes is really cool. At first i thought he was really rough but then i realized he is really sarcastic. So we are zone leaders in the zone comas. We have 2 areas! La Mar, and Libertadors. The ward La mar is awesome, its like a dream ward for missionarys and its thanks to the bishop. We are like 10 min from the offices so i see nick once a week. Also i have a cell phone now so i can pretty much call him whenever i want and bug him haha!!! ill call you too haha, nah! My zone is pretty great. Elder richardson in a district leader in the zone.  Its been struggling but hey im here to get it to the celestial kingdom!!! Ive already changed a few things, i kind of just assumed i could do that haha. Im just focusing a lot on how to help the zone now. Its weird to be in lima. The restaurants are awesome but i sure do miss the clean junlge air. city life is different but i know ill adjust again. Pretty nuts I love you all and hope your all good. Ill definitly need your prayers. Love reg

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