Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Elder Collins

Carnaval Carnaval Carnaval!!!
   Hey family does myles have a mustache?, well this week was carnaval. It was crazy. I was in Lima last year and that was nothing compared to what i saw yesterday. I dont know why Carnaval exists and neither does anyone else that i asked i think its just another party! What they do is they throw colored mud, water or whatever type of thing at you and at whoever is in the streets, they put up palm trees in the middle of the streets filled with prizes or gifts. They all drink dance and throw water balloons at each other until 6 and everyone takes turns chopping down the tree and when it falls every just runs at it grabbing whatever they can. I had to walk around with a serious look on my face the whole day because if i didnt they grab you and pull you into their mud pit and put water all over you and then try to dance with you. I only got a couple of water balloons thrown at me and half a bucket of water. Not too shabby. Well this week we had conference with president Blunck. I wont lie, it was kind of boring. I like it when President Blunck talks to us a lot and this time he hardly spoke. We have been working with a family lately.Denis and Gloria. They are married so that helps a lot. They have a  little boy who is 7.. (dang it). They have accepted baptism and were just working with them. There biggest problem is attending church. They like to sleep. Yesterday was terrible day to try to get people to attend we didnt have anyone attend. There is a rumor there might be transfers today..a week earlier because there is like 30 new missionaries entering the field. If thats true pray for me because the rumors have it that im staying and that im training again!!! PUchi kana!! what the heck!!  Well we will see? Well sam good luck with your afro. Love you all have a great week love reg!
P.S. Oh and Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

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