Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder Collins

Crazy stuff and then some....
   Well this week was pretty great. We had 2 baptisms of two golden children. haha. Thats all they were teaching before i got here. We have been looking for new people and families like crazy. We have found a couple and are helping them prepare for baptism. I did a work visit with Elder Richardson this week which was pretty fun. I had like a million flash backs of the mtc with him (Trunky). I saw Nick a few times this week and i think i called him like 10 times. I always call for a question that i have thats really simple and then we end up talking for like 20min. haha. The zone is doing better. We have 14 missionarys in all in the zone. Before i got here there was some things that were happening in which no one was baptizing! I dont know what they were thinking before. I dont blame my comp a lot because he only have 5 weeks more than me as zone leader so its more of his old comps fault which is now nicks new companion haha. The zone had 5 baptismal dates when i got here and now there is 12 so were seeing some progress. I realized last night that i need to rely way more on the Lord than what im doing now. Well like you know the mission is splitting. I just found out saturday night!! i cant believe it! Its been so crazy with rumores here my head is going to explode. Pres. Blunck just sent an email saying that he wants all the missionarys in Lima to go to the offices wed to explain whats going to happen. Pretty much everyone wants to go to the Jungle and so he wants those who want to stay in lima to tell him. I dont think ill get much say but if i do i dont know what to choose! im a jungle boy but i want to be in the same mission as nick! I wont lie its so crazy, i  have so many things in my head, its not all fun and games being a zone leader haha!! oh boy. Well i love you all and hope your all doing fandantastic. Love reg

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