Sunday, March 3, 2013

Elder Crump


First off...sorry mom please forgive me I know that you have must have been waiting!  But here I am!  This past week has been so busy and crazy as usual, but so great at the same time!!  So 58 NEW MISSIONS!!!!!!!!  Holy cow! How wonderful is that!!!  Seriously when I heard i wanted to cry, I was so happy!  So this is all that is going down, because im sure you guys have a lot of questions!  First off is how I found out...So on friday or thursday when ever the announcement came out, I get a phone call from Hermana Blunck telling me to hurry and get on the church website to see something.  So i was like um ok, so i typed in the address and I see that 58 new missions have been announced!  I was like really? Thats so cool!  She was like no thats not all, look at the list!  So i scrolled down, and she was like LOOK theres another mission in Orgeon where we live! haha i was like um ok.. thats cool. haha but then she was like but keep looking there is even better news!  So i scroll just a little bit down, and seriously when I say Peru my heart skipped a beat!  Then i almost freaked out when i saw IQUITOS!  haha it was so sweet! Then Hemana Blunck was laughing so hard at my reaction!  haha then i was um what do that mean for us? She is like well elder...thats a good question!  Then she was like but don't tell anyone, because its still a surprise, and I need to tell President, because he doesn't know yet.  He is in a conference in the Jungle!  haha it was so funny! So i was the first to know here in the offices!  But then everyone here started asking me why Hermana Blunck called and why I freaked out! haha.  So i had them look on the computer screen and they all flipped out too! haha  So then the big question is what is going to happen?  So president Blunck is really smart, and right away he writes up this super awesome inspiring letter telling all of the zones here in Lima the news, because eventually they will all know.  He then tells them that he wants to meet with all of them this week, and he will answer all our questions!  He talked about how we need to be focused on the work in what we are doing right now!  We need to keep working, but prepare for whatever comes next!  He wrote in the end, we must all remember that whatever happens its what God wants, and we need to follow the example of Nephi, "I will go and I will do the things which the Lord commands...."  Oh boy it was such a powerful letter!  So in that week we all met together, and he explained that its going to be a LIMA mission, and a SELVA mission  So Tarapoto, Pucallpa, Moyobamba, and Iquitos will all be part of the Iquitos mission, and all the zones that are here in Lima will be the Lima mission, plus they will be adding a few more areas to the Lima part.  And he informed us that by the time July hits, we will have 400 missionaries here with us.  200 will go to the Jungle and finish their mission, and 200 will go to Lima and finish their mission!  So right now we have 200 in our mission and he said that 100 of us oldies will go to the jungle with 100 new missionaries! and the others will be here!  SO they are just gonna split us in half!!!  Im so EXCITED! But super nervous!  Because...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR US IN THE OFFICES!  Well we still dont know... haha but at one point we are going to have 12 elders here in the offices, because we all need to train the new secretaries, and the new assistants, and then President will decide who goes where!  I so want to go to IQUITOS!  I have been wanting to go back to the jungle, but i knew that I might have to finish here in the offices to help the new president. But hey if I'm in the Jungle, its all good! haha  But like President said, we are going to go where God needs us, so if i am needed here that's ok too!  I love the mission either way!  President Ericson looks real nice, and I hear President Gomez is great as well.  Whoever I'm with, I'll be happy!
Seriously, I'm super excited for what's going to happen! How cool is it that we get to be part of this historical change in the church! It is such an honor to be here!  And I'm right on the front line of it!  Seriously, it's going to be getting pretty crazy this next change!
So today, President invited the us to his house to have breakfast!  Remember how I never was a huge breakfast fan...well today i just realized how much i miss American breakfasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was so delicious!  We had pancakes, eggs, bacon, orange juice (with ICE!!) fruit, chocolate milk and so much more! It was so good!!!!  Seriously, I had 3 plates!! haha  then president took us to the museum of GOLD here in Peru! It was pretty cool, it was all the Incan Gold that has been found.  Also, it's a museum of the weapons of the world! It had like every weapon from every country, and from different time periods!! It was pretty sweet!  So this is why I'm writing so late.  Presidente had his little conference with us yesterday, so he changed our p day today.  It was a great day just to relax, and not have to worry about work!  It was funny during breakfast my phone kept vibrating, haha so I turned it off, and President laughed, and was like Elder Crump I think your phone rings more than anyone! haha 

Family, I just want to say that i love you guys so much!  Im so happy all is going well with you guys!  Seriously it makes me so happy  to hear all that you are doing!  Im so proud of all of you!

Sorry again this is getting sent so late.  We had to run to the airport to go pay for a missionary going home from another mission, because we are the closest to the airport and his mission is like 5 hours away!  haha man its not even missionaries from our misson and were still in the airport late! haha
So Family, hopefully this next week will be better in the missionary field work!  I am trying to do everything I can to be an infield missionary, its hard, but possible!  I know that Heavenly Father will bless us in what we are doing!  I'm so grateful to be here, and hopefully in these next couple of weeks, I'll know a little bit about what's all gonna go down with the new changes!  
Tomorrow, I'll send Pictures!! 
All my Love,

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