Monday, March 25, 2013

Elder Collins

Family family family
   Well today is transfers. Crazy stuff. No not really its not as stressful if you know your not going to change. It also helps when you get to see the changes first. There isnt going to be too many changes for our zone this transfer only 3 people are changing. One of them is going to be the child of God whom i just love with all of my heart that finished his mission! HES GONE!! yipee! Thats super cool myles got his patriarchal blessing. Im way excited about his mission too. Maybe he will come here who knows? Nah he looks like a European kind of guy. Lies he never sent me any type of email either. Well to answer your, no one is self sufficient. I get the dumbest calls or questions in the world. Thats one thing that we have been working on helping them with, to be more self sufficient. Like the other day an elder from mexico says "Elder i cant sleep well at night..."ok, what do you want me to do?" " we need to change houses there is evil spirits that haunts our house so that we cant sleep." Im sure you could have imagined my face when i heard that. haha. I asked his comp if he can sleep and he said no, but its just because its hot at night. haha. This week we were going to have a baptism of an ancient investigator. Her boyfriend is a freak of nature. She is 20 and he is 30( a nerd without friends) and was going to be baptized but he has to repent for about a year for things that he did and that he still does. Well it never worked out because he picked her up the day of  her baptism and wouldn't bring her to the baptism. Then he kept calling us saying that she doesnt want to be baptized anymore. Which was a lie, we think its because he heard that she wants to go on a mission and he doesn't want to be separated from her. I wont lie she is a little brain washed from this nut.  We think also that it could be that he fell again with his problems and if he cant be baptized then he wont let her. What a jerk. My comp was so mad. I am Glad sam is doing well in soccer and tell him to step it up with the basketball. Haha Bruce just sent me pictures of Garrett that's crazy that he is home! Yes I got the girl scout cookies! Thank You!  I had to share with the office and pretty much they ate a whole box so that was just fun!  I love you all! Love Reg 


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