Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elder Collins

What up family!
   Well i didnt even remember that st patricks day exist until i just got this email of yours. Thats way cool that Myles friend got called here, im gonna give him a big o kiss when he gets here and then im going to remind him of how much time he has to go before he goes home like everyone did with me when i got here. haha. I was looking through my 2nd suitcase today because in the jungle we only can take one but i just recently was looking through it today and found all the letters from the MTC when people still cared about me haha. Nah jokes, but really. So this week we have been doing paper work and other things to marry the familys in our zone. We teach the Elders in our zone what they need to do to be able to marry a couple but then they say they dont know how to do it so we just end up doing it. I talked with my companion a little bit this week about balancing our duties with the zone and our own area. Its hard some times to find a balance between being a good zone leader to our zone and proselyting. Sometimes i  feel like im not teaching and working hard enough in my zone which bugs me. This week i did two work visits with people in the zone. The first was with new elder from Peru. At night we ordered pizza and we gave the wrong direction and the guy got lost and when he finally got here it was like 11 30 at night and i was sleeping but he was honking his horn at us so instead of going down the stairs we tied a rope with a bag at the end of it and asked him to put it into the bag hahah it was pretty funny. The other work visit i did was with one of my best friends E amaya from Colombia. He is the definition of goofy. He had a crazy life before and told me everything! wow haha. It was pretty fun. We had a lesson with a family and there was a 17 year old chubby girl there freaking out that there was a gringo in her house. She wouldn't stop looking at me and she would just scream at some of the things i said and did and kept telling me my lips are different and asking me to say things in English then at the end of her prayer she said "thank you for this gringo you have sent me this day!" haha what a nut. Amaya was laughing super hard. Well that's the news from this week. We still dont know anything about the mission splitting. Oh and thank you Miller family for the package, the socks were very much needed, you guys really know how to treat a missionary! I also want to tell the Hunsaker family Thanks so much for the package that you guys sent my way, wow that was so cool of you guys! Well I love you all, loves reg

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