Monday, March 25, 2013

Elder Crump

Familia y mis amigos!

How is it going!  I'm glad everything is going great with everyone!  Man those little kids are getting so dang cute! Haha Trev, Kenz the Bow on Mia...NICE! haha she makes it look good! haha  But seriously, I can't wait to see them!  
So right off the bat...Mom I love your idea about Italy!!!  That has always been my dream to go to Europe!!  Don't worry as long as I'm home for just a little bit to see some friends and family I'll be set to head out when you guys want to go!!  I'm all in for it!:)  
Haha, mom I love how you really want to know what is going to go down!!  The only thing i can say is Scenerio almost all's because I haven't been told everything yet.  But you were really close for what I know! Haha I know, I don't like to keep secrets but I don't want to say something and then maybe it might not be true... so let me get some more info.  I have been working really hard on the assistants!  Haha, i got them to tell me who the new assistant was going to be! haha  It's my buddy Elder Ortega from the CCM! He is from my group and is from Argentina! It gonna be awesome having him here!
Im excited for whatever comes!  Hopefully Reg and I will finish together!  Pray, It will happen! haha but really!
So this past week has been pretty good! We're getting all ready to send off the missionaries to their houses, and receive the new missionaries!  This time around we are only getting 15 missionaries!  We originally had like 20 but 5 couldn't get their Visas yet!  But the change in May we will be getting a TON!!  I'm stoked!!  Things are going to be getting pretty busy here, in the next couple of days, so we have been trying to get up to our area and teach!  We have a family!  They are so awesome!  Their names are Davis and Mary, and they have 3 kids!  Shantel, Casey, and Nefi! haha  The only problem is that she was married before, and never got divorced!  So she is just living with him, and 2 of their kids are from him, and the older one is from the other guy!  So the story is she has been trying to get divorced for a while, but he doesn't want to do it! All he needs to do is sign the papers, but he keeps denying it!  She has spent so much money on trying to do it, and now she is nervous to try it again and lose her money!  But enter the missionaries!!!
Boom baby, were here to help!  There is a bishop that is a lawyer, and is going to help us get all of her paper work done and hopefully a really really big discount on the divorce!  The only problem is if her husband will be in agreement with the mutual custody.  If it's like that the divorce will only take a couple weeks to a month, but if it goes to the court, then its gonna be like 7 months to a year!!  I hope it doesn't get down to that!  We talked with our bishop, and he is all on board to help!  As a mission, we aren't supposed to pay for any of the divorce, but for the wedding we can help out.  Also our ward says they will do their whole wedding!!  They both are so great! Mary is a member, and Davis, her boyfriend REALLY wants to be baptized!! I hope all goes well with the papers!  Please pray for them!
Like I said, we really are working hard to find more investigators!  We got two more references this week and it's two more families!!  I'm excited!
So some cool news that is coming up is we are hosting another Massive Wedding!! Its gonna be the 19th of April!!  It is going to be so awesome!!  The last wedding we did was in December.  We married 41 couples and baptized 25 of the couples!  Now we have like 25 couples set to be married, and all are going to be getting baptized!!  And there are many more couples, that were working on!  It's going to be such an awesome day!!  Haha, were gonna be wedding planners again! Plus we are going to get SO MANY references with all the family members that are going to come!!! It's going to be insane!  We have all these stations set up, where we're going to have so many missionaries contacting during the wedding, before and after in the reception!!
This past week, like I said, has been great to get back into the work, the missionary teaching part!  I know that I have my responsibilities here in the offices, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity!  These changes are going to be great, and so crazy but I'm just so happy for all that is going on! It truly is so incredible how lucky the Peruvian people are going to be to have 2 more missions here!  They deserve it! They are so wonderful, and I just can't wait to see how many we can bring unto our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Familly this is my time of the mission! It's winding down, but still I have so much to do! My last 6 months are when I need to give it all I got!  I'm so ready to do it, even if I'm here in Lima or Iquitos!:)  Either one, I know it is where the Lord wants me, but more importantly, needs me to be.
Family I hope all is going well with everyone! I know that times may get rough, but don't let that get you down or change who you are. Live up to what you are doing, and don't go a day without doing something that doesn't scare you half to death!  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and I know that whatever I do or may say, He will love me.  It's like our family.  Were not perfect, and as long as we try our best, we will always be loved, and will always be there to support each other!  But we have to take the first step and become humble, that's the key.  I do hope all is well! You all are always in my prayers, everyday.  I love you all, and I'm so grateful for all of you!!

To answer some questions: Yes, mom I received the Easter Package with all the candy.  Then like 2 days later, the Remote control for the Helicopter came! Then in like 3 more days, I got the actual helicopter! Man, I was so impatient for that package! Haha, once i got the remote, it was killing me! haha. BY the Way, coolest present EVER! Seriously, we have been having so much fun playing with it!!
All the offices guys are super jealous!  They all keep asking if you guys want you can adopt them! Haha, but they did really love the candy!

Thanks for everything!!  I love you guys!!

All my Love,



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