Thursday, March 28, 2013

Elder Crump

First off Happy Easter!!  Wow, I cant believe that Easter Sunday is already here!  You know what that means here in Peru...The people are going to drag the cross throughout the street, and chant!  Oh boy, its gonna be a lot of apostasy! haha but the good news is we will be in Church that day, so a least we will be with the truth and have the spirit!
So this past week has been a busy one!  So as you all know, it was the changes!!  But the worst part was there was changes to the changes!  So what had happened was President had done all the changes, and right when I got them I went right to work, buying all the flights, and getting everything ready!  The problem was I was working with the 24 emergency hour travel service, because the by the time I got the changes, it was Friday at 9 p.m.  The Normal travel service that I work with all went home, and I got stuck with the slowpokes!  It's the worst! It takes them Like 3 hours to process and buy like 5 plane tickets!!  and I had to buy like 50!  Haha, so then right when I had finished all of that, I recieved an email saying that they made a mistake.  They said that a flight for the Hermana Blunck for her trip to Tarapoto this weekend was cancelled, but only her's because they overbooked the flight!  I was like WHAT!!  So I had to make all these calls, and they tell me that she will be able to fly out to Tarapoto with President, but won't have a flight to come back to Lima, until about like 1 in the morning! Haha, I was like um no!  So we made some calls, and they had told me that they were sorry, but there was nothing that they could do.  So I was like ok, so what you guys need to do is monitor the flight, and check to see if anyone decides to cancel their flight.  Almost always one or two people call in to cancel their flight, and a spot opens up.  But there is no waiting list, it's just first come first serve!  So luckily my buddy, Henry, was working there.  He stayed on and monitored it for like 2 days, and at 3 in the morning he called me saying that there was flight, and that he had booked it! Haha, it was so funny and such a relief!  So I had that little stress during all the changes, and then it got resolved.  But then of course, there is always something more! So the night before the day of all the changes, the sister that works in the area comes to the offices to give me the passports of the mssionaries who were finishing.  She has this really nervous look on her face.  So I was llike, what happened? And she tells me that remember how the area offices sent us a email of all the missionaries that we will be getting this change? I was like, yeah.  She said, well that like isn't all correct, you guys are going to be getting 2 more North Americans as well. I was like, when? She said it was tonight at midnight! AHH!  We had just finished all the changes and bought all the flights!  Plus, President Blunck had no idea they were coming, so it was time to call him at about 10:00 p.m. again.  Luckily, it wasn't my turn to do it, so one of the assistants did.  He wasn't mad, but just was a little frustrated with the area for not telling us.  We had already had a big van waiting for us to send some missionaries home, so we hopped in with them and went to the airport.  So we went there to make sure that everything goes good with sending off the missionaries to there houses as well as to pick up the incoming Elders.  But this is where it all went bad.  We get there, and we actually were sending a couple temporary missionaries to their missions because they finally got their Visas.  We get there, and we see that one of the Elders has his two bags, and are both are way over weight! First off, he lied to us saying that they were only like 30 pounds each....LIAR  they were like 65 pounds each!!! And he was about to miss his flight.  He didn't have any money, and the lady from the area offices left her credit card in her offices.  So I had to pay for it! $177.00 just for his over weight bags! I wanted to punch the little guy!  So mom & dad, I used my debit card for the emergency.  So you guys will probably see that transaction.  But dont worry, the area is paying me back. So they will just give it to me in cash here.  I just wanted to let you know! Anyway, the North Americans got here, and everything went good after that! But then came the day of the actual changes!  So President gives all the new missionaries interviews.  After he comes up to me, and was like sorry Elder Crump we have some more changes to changes...oh no I thought!  So aparently one of the missionaries, who was supposed to go to the Jungle, asked President if he could stay here, because his girlfriend just moved to Iquitos, and he really doesn't want to be there with her! Haha, so I had to cancel his flight.  Then we found out that another mssionary that we got can't walk for more that 3 hours a day. He got surgery on his leg, because one is like 2 inches shorter thant the other one. and his doctor told him he isnt allowed to do pretty much anything physical!  I felt way bad for him.  So we had to cancel his flight, and he is here with us in the offices until we can find a place for him.  It's all walking here, and we dont have cars.  Hopefully we will find a place for him!  
So anyway, I didn't sleep to good for about 3 days.  But now its P day, and I am just gonna relax! We're all pretty tired!  Haha the good thing though, is by the next change, there will be another personal secretary here with me!  In about 3 weeks, were gonna have like 12 elders here in the offices, because we need to train the new ones to either be here in the Lima North, or go to Iquitos! I'm so excited!!  Its gonna be so sweet!  So mom you want details!  You need to read very carefully what I said in my last email! haha  Trust me, I want to tell you more, but I promised President I wouldnt say anyting yet!  But in a couple weeks I promise!!
So things have been going great with us in our teaching.  We found 2 more investingators and another family!  We're so excited!  Hopefully, things keep progressing with them!  Davis and Mary are doing good! We are going to meet with them tonight with the lawyer to dicuss what we are going to do.  Hopefully it will be quick and easy! They both are so great, and want to do what is right and get married and baptized!  WIth them, it's a whole new set of patience!  But the good news is during this process, we will be baptizing other families as well!
Family, Friends, I hope all is going well!  This Easter weeked is something we should enjoy.  We need to remember our Savior's sacrifice,  and be grateful for what He has done for us!  We are here and have this amazing oppourtunity to become better and return to our Heavely Father because of Him.  So in the midst of all the easter egg hunts, and all the candy that we will have this weekend, we need to remember the importance of this week, what happened, and how forever we will be blessed.  I love you guys so much! Everytime I hear from you, it makes me so happy!  You all are so wonderful, and I do miss you guys!  Time is marching down, but everyday I'm living it to the fullest.  I'm in the prime time, 4th quarter, where it's all on the line.  I will make the best of it!  I will do all I can to finish my mission with all I can, and return with honor. Family and friends, I love you guys! I hope you get my letters soon!  Im still expecting some from a few of you! You know who you are! haha  Have a great day and Happy Easter!
All my Love,

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